The Skinny on Positioning your Day Spa as a Wellness Center

The weight loss industry is a 50 Billion dollar a year industry, according to MSNBC’s Chris Wapner’s article, Weight loss firms are fatter than ever. America’s increasingly overweight population spend their dollars on gym memberships, diet supplements, “diet” foods, and a variety of pills and potions in hopes of winning the battle of the bulge. I believe, salons and spas are not getting their fair share of the weight loss pie.

Perhaps we are taking ourselves out of the game because we label our businesses as beauty salon or day spa. As an industry, we are in the business of more than just highlights, hair removal, and deep pore cleansing. We are in the Wellness industry and it is by far time we begin exploring how we can better meet our clients’ wellness needs.

Of course, one person or one business cannot be an expert in everything. That is why I believe it is important to partner with other businesses and professionals to better care for more clients.

Reach out to your community to begin developing a wellness network to which you can refer clients and from whom you can receive referrals. A nutritionist is one example of the kind of professional you can partner with. She can speak at your spa’s next VIP event, offer nutrition training to your staff, and contribute articles to your company’s newsletter or on your website. She can refer her clients to your spa to receive contouring body treatments that will aid client undergoing weight loss to improve skin tone and elasticity or to improve the appearance of cellulite.

Likewise, partnering with gyms, weight loss centers, and plastic surgeons will also expand your network, develop your knowledge, and establish you spa’s credibility as a wellness center.

Imagine the possibilities. A yoga instructor can teach you breathing and relaxation techniques, which you can use with your clients to relieve stress. You can prescribe massage and body treatment regimes to complement the goals of a gym’s client, whether they are training for a sporting event or preparing for swimsuit season. Weight loss clinics are full of men and women who need your contouring body treatments and are eager for a makeover to accompany their slimmer waistline. Finally, a plastic surgeon and his patients will love that spa treatments will facilitate and shorten the healing process.

Of course, as estheticians, we know that wellness and beauty is more than just skin deep. Certainly, if we are going to be a true wellness center, we must look to care for the whole person. A beautiful complexion and a healthy weight can go a long way to improve a person’s wellness. But there is still more that we can do.

By partnering with psychologists, support groups, and motivational speakers, we can better care for our clients’ inner wellness. It might be as simple as having literature available that creates awareness for various support groups or having a psychologist contribute a piece on how to cope with stress in your newsletter. A motivational speaker at your next wellness center event will be just the ticket to get your clients to stick to their exercise regime or to kick smoking for good.

As we expand our network and increase our knowledge on wellness, it puts us in a place to serve as the wellness expert for others. Volunteer to speak at women’s groups or to a high school health class. Soon, people will be coming to your spa to be cared for.

Finally, at the end of the day, it’s the little things we do as estheticians and spa industry professionals that make us a wellness center. The fresh fruit we serve, the water we encourage our clients to drink to prevent dehydration, and the kindness we show. Know that the term beauty salon is a misnomer for we are all in the business of wellness.

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