Success Story: Dr. Samuel Shatkin Jr. and Aesthetic Associate Centre & Trés Auraé Spa

Grand opening event of Trés Auraé Spa with Dr. Samuel Shatkin and Joni Shatkin

Dr. Samuel Shatkin Jr. is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is the recipient of the 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2014 “Top Surgeons in America” Award from the Consumers Research Council.

Dr. Shatkin’s practice, the Aesthetic Associates Centre, serves the Buffalo, NY area providing plastic surgery and advanced skin care. His second practice is at Trés Auraé Spa at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Williamsville, NY.  Trés Auraé Spa offers an array of services, including an express facial bar, full facials, body treatments, and hair removal treatments to name a few. At both practices, Repêchage professional skin care treatments and products are utilized.

Below Dr. Shatkin shares his success story and how Repêchage has been effective in treating his client’s skin!

Tell us more about both of your practices: Aesthetic Associate Centre and Trés Auraé Spa. What does each business offer? What are the differences?

My main plastic surgery office performs all aspects of plastic surgery and advanced skin care.  I have 12 staff, 5 clerical and administrative, along with a 7 person clinical team: 4 aestheticians, 1 cosmetologist ,  1 RN and one PA.  In that facility we perform surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures including botox, fillers, lasers for rejuvenation, fat reduction, skin tightening along with all aspects of plastic surgery in our fully accredited ambulatory surgery center, accredited since 1989.  Our Spa, Trés Auraé Spa, is a great extension to complement our services that we offer at the main Aesthetic Associates Centre.  There we offer day spa services, including facials and peels, waxing, massage therapy, manicure/pedicure and makeup and hair styling and blowouts.  We also offer non-surgical services there on a smaller capacity, with botox and fillers and the use of IPL skin rejuvenation and hair removal.

Why did you decided to incorporate Repêchage Skin Care at both practices?

We started with using Repêchage at my main office and quickly realized that our skin care practice was growing, so we opened our Trés Auraé Spa.  The spa is about .5 miles away, so it is very convenient for our patients and staff including myself, to go to either location.

Can you describe how Repêchage skin care helps your patients?

We find that Repêchage skin products are important to jumpstart those patients who need to initiate a ‘wakeup” for their skin, as well as continued maintenance.   Additionally, we incorporate Repêchage treatments to pre-condition the skin. For example, to better prepare the skin for surgeries such as facelifts, and patients doing laser treatments. We incorporate pre and post treatment protocols for all our laser resurfacing treatments.

Trés Auraé Spa has an Express Facial Bar. How has this concept been working at the spa and what has been the feedback from clients?

The express facial bar is an exciting adjunct.  Often, clients will not want or have the time to spend on one of our longer spa treatments in the private suites.  The express facial bar works great for those individuals.  In addition, it creates a unique activity and exciting atmosphere for the spa, bringing more attention.  Often there will be an express facial treatment alongside a hair, makeup or nail service. It is a fun dynamic.

At the 2015 Repêchage Conference you spoke about the clinical study of the Repêchage Hydra 4 Red-Out® Facial and products. Can you tell us more about the response to that study along with how both the facial and products have been helping your clients?

From the very first treatment we provided as part of the study, we noticed an improvement of the rosacea skin.  Many of these patients had tried numerous methods with limited success.  Being able to be a part of the initial research and trials was gratifying to me.  We are always looking to extend our services to help more patients with various conditions.  Along those same lines, we are extending the use of the Red-Out® Serum for those patients with skin irritations and rashes, not just rosacea.  We hope to begin a trial to study the efficacy of use in these individuals.

Also at the 2015 Repêchage Conference, Trés Auraé Spa was awarded “Trendsetter of the Year Award.” How is Trés Auraé Spa working to raise the bar?

It is always great to be recognized by peers and organizations and we proudly include the trendsetter award with our other accomplishments.  Our team is always trying to advance and improve our services.  Incorporating cutting edge products and making them available to our clients, we constantly look for getting the optimal results.  Our entire team is focused on a holistic approach to beauty and looking your best.  The spa collaborates with the medical team in our main office to assure that we can provide everything under “one roof”.

You were recently honored by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences with their Five Star Diamond Award. Congratulations! Can you tell us more about this award?

The Five Star Diamond Award is one of the pinnacle awards in the field of hospitality.  Originally the organization was started as a way to appraise services provided by food establishments many decades ago, and has been expanded into the services industry, including resorts and spas.  I am excited to add that currently, I am the only practicing Plastic Surgeon who has received this honor.  The president, Joseph Cinque himself visited our spa and was more than impressed with the services and staff.  He came into the space announcing that he expects to find several conditions which need improvement, and left with nothing but praises.  One month later we were honored with the award.  This is a real testament to the aesthetic and personable skills of our tremendous staff along with the development of the facility itself, now ready to enjoy our 1 year anniversary!  The ambassador of the American Academy of Hospitality Services is Donald Trump. 

Any last thoughts on success?

I would just like to add that the success of Trés Auraé Spa both in implementation and ongoing management falls solely on the shoulders of my wife, Joni Shatkin. Together we are a great team, but she of course is the better half!

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