Signature Spa Treatments – Put Your Stamp On It!

I am always searching for the latest ingredients, procedures and marketing tools to make sure that every salon or spa carrying the Repêchage products is successful. It is important however, to make the Repêchage products work for you! Signature treatments are what set your spa apart from the next, like the Champagne & Rose Luxury Manicure at Three-13 Salon, Spa and Boutique in Marietta, Georgia!  This Repêchage Spa de Beauté utilized the Repêchage products and put their own unique twist on their protocols to make them unique!


Champagne & Rose Luxury Manicure

Featuring Repechage’s Pomegranate Cran-Apple All Over Body Scrub

1)   Cleanse hands and arms with Repêchage Sea Spa Body Wash and spray with antimicrobial spray.

2)      Apply Repêchage Sea Spa Hand Cream and dip hands into a warm delicious paraffin bath.

3)      Wrap hands in plastic bags and place in terrycloth hand mitts.

4)      After 5-7 minutes remove terrycloth mitts and paraffin treatment by lightly massaging hands.

5)      Fill porcelain soak baths with warm water, champagne and Repêchage Sea Spa Mineral Bath Salts (for softening cuticle and relaxation) Soak for 3-5 minutes.

6)      Prep nails by filing, pushing and trimming cuticles, etc.

7)      Exfoliate the elbows, arms and hands with Repêchage Pomegranate Cran-Apple All Over Body Scrub in a relaxing circular motion.

8)      Rinse and remove with Repêchage Peppermint Essential Oil applied to a warmed steamed towel.

9)      Massage full arm and hand with Repêchage Sea Spa Hand Cream, enriched with Seaweed and Shea Butter.

10)  Spray arms and hands with Repêchage Algo Mist Hydrating Seaweed Facial Spray supplying the skin with minerals .

11)  Massage Repêchage Essential Oil of Seaweed into the cuticles and clean excess oil away.

12)   Ready to Polish.

How do you make the Repêchage products and protocols unique in your salon or spa? Tell me in the comments, who knows, maybe your treatment could be featured on my blog!

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