MANicures for Men

ManGone are the days of a sloppy, unkempt appearance being acceptable for a man. According to a recent study by the University of the West of England, over 80% of men feel anxiety about their body image. They are finally realizing that there is nothing prissy or girly about taking care of themselves. Men are more and more in search of improving their overall appearance and body and this includes there hands.  I shared with you the step by step procedure for the New! The Repêchage® Anti-Aging Facial for the Hand and as we know the hands are a tell tale sign of age for men and women alike. Men are taking notice of their hands, just as woman are, and a salon and spa service that is a great introduction into skin care for men is a manicure.

The treatment should include all the wonderful benefits of a traditional manicure – neatly trimmed nails and cuticles, a wonderful massage, a detailed exfoliation and hydrating hand cream. With the amount of physical activity that their hands are doing make sure to include a wonderful arm and hand massage to ease tension and strain. Males will not only gain improved skin and appearance but they will feel relaxed after their service as well. Many men they work with their hands every day and a monthly manicure will help get rid of any calluses from their job or weight lifting or dirt buildup from doing yard or house work. With these activities extra attention should be paid to the exfoliation process. You can choose to use a manual exfoliant or a chemical peel depending on the client’s preference and needs. Make sure to use a non-greasy hand cream

This service can easily be added to your spa or salon’s menu. As long as you have a manicure area you are set to begin treatments. There is no need to go and purchase a skin care line that is solely for men, it is all about marketing the treatment so that it appeals to a male audience. Give the service a name that men will identify with and not feel is too feminine for them, like “Rough Hands Relief” or simply “Men’s Hand Treatment” instead of calling it a manicure which they may associate with a female service. With the right name in place you’ll need to create a comfortable atmosphere for the men to receive the treatment in. Make them feel invited and welcome and not like they are tagging along on their wife’s spa appointment. Flip the TV channel to play the big sporting event, offer them a beer, cognac or scotch and have men’s catalogs in the waiting area.

There is no reason to let your skin go astray when there are products and treatments out there to help men look and feel their best while putting in very little effort! Trust me, good skin is genderless and the ladies will like what they see!

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