Making Clients a Top Priority

Let me start off by pointing out the obvious – without clients, you have no career, no business. We are in the service industry, making it critical that we maintain strong relationships with existing clients and turn new clients into lifelong ones.  I was able to advance my career not just because my services were loved, but because I understood how valuable each person that walked into my business was – and I made them a priority. Here are my tips to make sure you are doing so as well.

Listen to Clients

As professionals, whether you are an esthetician or a stylist, you immediately want to analyze a client’s situation and make a recommendation on what can be fixed. Although consultations are necessary with each customer interaction, before you speak you need to let your clients speak. Listen to what they have to say, what their concerns are, and what they want to achieve out of seeing you.  You are a professional, so it is important you are honest with clients about what you see, but make sure to keep in mind their concerns and understand what they want out of their time with you!

Be Honest & Thorough with Clients

Honesty is the best policy. You can apply this phrase to nearly all aspects of life, and this is one to carry with you throughout your career in a salon/spa. For example, if a client is 100% wrongly self-diagnosing, it is your job as a professional to explain to them how their skin works, and what is happening. Be poised, be polite, and be honest about what you see with their skin. They came to see you to address their concerns, and it is your duty to give your professional opinion and give them a thorough explanation. Clients will respect your ability to do so. At the same time, of course, reassure them that they are going to have a wonderful treatment while in your care.

Connect with Clients

To really make clients a top priority, communication doesn’t stop once they step out the door. Luckily, our ways to connect with people have expanded and in fact made easier thanks to e-mail and social media. Take advantage of these outlets, and make sure you are following up with a thank you, and make sure you are staying in touch by communicating any promotions you are running, along with current offerings and happenings at your business. If you want to be more personal, follow up with a thank you phone call or a hand written note (now you’re really going the traditional route!) Clients will appreciate you for taking the time to do so, feel more valued, and this will help establish a bond between the both of you.

What do you do to make clients a top priority? Tell me in the comments below!

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