How to Give Clients Proper Skin Consultations

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As estheticians, we are experts of the skin. Clients visit us to receive treatments, and feel confident in putting themselves in our professional care. In order to give clients the best experience and treatment possible, proper consultation is key.

Greeting the Client

Before skipping to the scientific stuff, remember that clients are people, and thus the more inviting and polite you are with them, the more comfortable they will feel in your hands. Little things like greeting the client by “Ms. or Mr.,” formally introducing yourself, and demonstrating that you are delighted to see them, by showing a smile on your face, are all very important to remember.

Skin Analysis

During consultations, you need to discuss with each client his/her concerns. This is especially key, as when you actually analyze the client’s skin, you may find that the concerns of the client don’t match the concerns that you visibly see – but it is important to find a proper balance for both. Additionally, you should have the client fill out a skin analysis chart. This is great to have on file to use as a reference for when the client returns, and so that you can discuss and provide them with a history of their treatments with you. It is also important to write down any information or changes that have occurred in the client’s skin, and track any new products or medicine that the client has been using.



When you do get hands on and administer a skin analysis, use a magnifying lamp and examine the client’s skin carefully. You should train your sight and touch to know what to look for during skin analysis. The examination should be conducted with careful concentration. You should be prepared to recognize and treat any skin conditions – Learn more about analyzing skin types.

 At-Home Recommendations

Once you have analyzed the client’s skin and their concerns, you need to formulate a clear and precise plan of action. Create a treatment plan to show your client that you are educated and prepared to treat the concerns they may have.  Based on their skin type, “Prescribe” your client a treatment and proper at-home care, and emphasize that this plan will help them to continue the benefits of their treatment.

What do you do to make sure your clients receive a proper and professional consultation? Tell me in the comments below.

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