A Summer of Beauty from the Sea


These are very exciting times for us, so I wanted to update you all and let you know of our ongoing efforts with seaweed! Summer may be a slow season for some, but at Repêchage we did not slow down! After launching our new Red-Out® Facial and at-home products for hypersensitive skin and rosacea, along with our new Mineral Face Shield™ at our Conference in May, we decided to do some more exploration about our favorite gift from Mother Nature – seaweed!

In fact, we used this time to work closely with Professor Charles Yarish, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Connecticut and member of the Repêchage Board of Directors since early this year. In August, my husband David Sarfati, C.O.O of Repêchage, traveled to Maine to meet with Dr. Yarish along with other aqua culturists and marine biologists to explore new ways to grow and harvest seaweed in the region. Colleagues also traveled to Portland, Maine for their annual Seaweed Festival to learn about the newest uses and application of our favorite plant. Although seaweed has always been the foundation of Repêchage Professional Skin Care, at this moment we are truly taking it to the next level when it comes to discovering new advancements with seaweed, and are excited about new ventures in the near future!

If you haven’t had a chance to already, I invite you all to find out the latest about seaweed and see for yourself why seaweed has always and will always be the best solution for your skin, by reading about the science of seaweed on our newly designed website!



Lydia Sarfati, “The Queen of Seaweed”

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