Thanks so much for the [Hydra Medic] products, my skin is already clearing up which is fabulous!

– Naomi Lay
London, England


I just wanted to ad that I gave this product to my son, David, who also highly raved about it.  He started to have a breakout and used the night serum and the next day his skin was completely clear.  He is 19 so this is a testimonial from a teenager.

– Lori

I would like to thank Lydia and you for a fantastic day.  The presentation for the launch of the Repêchage VC5 treatment was incredible.  As an educator I look forward to sharing the advanced information and treatment with my students.

Beyond the superior educational event, I need to express my appreciation to Lydia for writing an inspirational and informational book, SUCCESS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.  It truly is a blueprint of “how to succeed in the skin care business”.  After reading Lydia’s story, no one will have any excuse not to take advantage of opportunities and create their own success.

This book has also assisted me in helping students understand how to find a path to success while in school and after graduation. In the past, undergraduates have always been educated in great technical skills and some basic salon business comprehension. SUCCESS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS gives them a tool that assists in jump starting their career and become a winning professional.

I look forward to future educational events, products, tools and all that the family of Repêchage has to share.

Thank you for your commitment to creating success!

Best Wishes,

– Rick Shepard

Repechage provides luxury, quality products, passionate performance and dedication to professional care.

In looking for a company to meet our skincare needs, we have found that Repechage provides a complete and total package from in-depth support and education to a variety of facial and body treatments accompanied by a simple, healthy homecare regimine”

– Leslie Crowell
Three-13 Salon Spa & Boutique / CIDESCO Diplomat

This is the best hand cream ever! Lydia Sarfati, Founder of Repechage and proud holder of the title, “Queen of Seaweed,”is a spa genius. She harvests her own patch of seaweed off the coast of France and infuses it into just about all of her products. Why seaweed? It not only naturally retains moisture, but it also cleanses the body of toxic pollutants and contains scads of minerals and vitamins, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and C, and niacin and folic acid. You probably go to great lengths to protect your face from wrinkles, so why not insulate hands from premature aging, while feeling a surge of calm, soothing, and cooling moisture that helps neutralize free radicals? Whenever you use it, you will feel like you are doing something wonderful for your hands…because you are! Both men and women dig it! Mark Consuelos and Edyta Sliwinska (“Dancing with the Stars”) are huge fans.

– CelebrityEverything.com

I just wanted to drop you a quick note about the Opti-Lift Serum.  I started using this product in the middle of February, by May when I was getting ready for my son’s Graduation I noticed the frown line between my eyebrows had gone.  I started using it all over my face after that point(1 pump is plenty) I have noticed that the smile lines are way down and my acne pitting is almost nonexistence.  This is a GREAT product.  It is even easier to sell!!


Tina McElyea

Transformations Salon & Spa
Indianapolis, IN,

I’m currently the key makeup artist on Disney’s Hannah Montana.

I would love to get some of the foundations, if possible.  I am using the Perfect Skin Liquid foundation in “2” and I love it.

Thank you.


– Sherri Simmons
Key Makeup Artist
Hannah Montana

I had a third degree burn on my thumb and used Repechage C-Serum on the burn…I saw the serum quickly absorb into the burn and after 20 minutes the burn no longer hurt and it seemed to almost completely disappear. This is a miracle with burns.

“Nothing looks better than Repechage makeup for television shoots”

– Marla Bishops, Makeup Artist, Valdosta, GA

Btw, I have been meaning to tell you that I have been using the Vita Cura Opti-Lift Serum that Lydia gave me and it has made such a difference in the lines around my eyes! I am going to start my BF and my mom on it!

– Maureen Browne from E!, Style, Comcast

I had to write and share this story with you.  I have a friend who had a brain tumor and was given 18months to live, that was 9 years ago.  She is truly a walking miracle.  Her hair never grew back on the front of her scalp and from the treatments her skin is very dry and extremely sensitive.  I have introduced her to prosthetic bangs to cure the hair problem but we were still working on her skin.  I did a patch test with the c-serum to see if that would be a possibility.  She did not have a reaction so we did a Hydra Dew Facial last night.  Oh My Gosh!  What a difference! Her skin has never looked this good especially on her forehead where she had received large amounts of radiation.  I am picking up the products for her today for her at home regimen  She was amazed at how her good her skin felt. She never thought it was possible.

We can’t wait to make this difference in our Gorgeous Women everyday.

Thank you so for bringing this into our life so that we could introduce to my friend.  I can’t wait to see what is next.

I will keep you updated.

– Kim Becker

I have a personal testimonial for the hydra medic drying lotion.  I used it this morning, and within the half hour the pimple came to a head and came off with a simple wipe.  I love it and swear to this lotion now for any pimple concern!


– Amelia Raymond

Just wanted to pass you a quick testamonial if I may. Since I recieved the
Hydra Medic I have been using it faithfully. My skin looks amazing! I have
never recieved so many compliments on my skin. This is the only acne product
I have ever used that doesnt dry out and actually conditions my skin. I know
the clients love it already and we are all exicted and looking forward to
the launch of the professional treatment. I hope this finds you well and
have a wonderful holiday.

Best Regards,

– Linda

Over the last 3 decades I”ve attended many of Miss Lydia”s classes, and I have to say she is my hero.  Of all the men and women I”ve met in our industry over the years, she is the greatest example of what an Esthetician is, and what we stand for.  For this I will be eternally grateful.

– Dona V

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