Your Slice of the Beauty Pie: Customer Retention and Your Salon’s Future

In the Editor’s Note of the September 2010 issue of American Salon, Brett Vinovich delves into the actual cost of beauty. Brett explains, “good looking” people are more likely to land and keep jobs, but are we still surprised to hear this? Despite a recession, the beauty industry continues to maintain multi-billion dollar sales. And according to American Salon, in a lifetime, one person will spend over $400,000 on hair, skin and body care services. That is a huge chunk of change, and by retaining the clients you already have, you are claiming your stakes in a good percentage of that half million dollar slice of the pie. Take this opportunity to treat the clients you already have like kings or queens, because they are the key to your future expansion!

In this market, retention and loyal clients are golden. This fall, the theme in your salons and spas must be customer service, customer service, customer service! Trends and promotions will come and go, in your salon and everyone else’s, but the true key to retaining the clients you have and spreading positive word of mouth is by providing your clients all the amenities they seek when making the choice to visit your salon or spa.

The salon next door might be offering 20% off services for first time clients, but when you ask what a client remembers most about the service they have received, will you hear “I was so happy with my service because it was discounted,” or will you hear, “I was so happy with the service I received, starting from the greeting as I walked in the door and ending with the follow-up thank you from my technician.” And which recommendation would you be more likely to follow?

Do not underestimate the power of word of mouth! In a recent study by Coyle Hospitality Group, it was found that 74% of clients are most likely to communicate positive feedback through word of mouth and 56% of clients consider word of mouth extremely trustworthy. Word of mouth starts with your clients, so this fall, take the opportunity to appreciate the clients you have!

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  1. Linda Moore says:

    I recently had to close my day spa due to the declining economy. I am located two hours south of Atlanta so the cliente can afford moderate pricing for services. I am interested in the “facial bar” concept and products. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Linda Moore

    • Lydia says:

      Dear Linda,

      I am sorry to hear that you had to close your salon and spa. I have created the Facial Bar concept to help salons and spas during these hard economic times – and it is working! Clients have experienced a 34% increase in their skincare business as a result!

      Please do call our toll free number: 1800-248-SKIN and our customer service representative will be happy to share with you how you may begin to incorporate Facial Bar. Good Luck and keep me posted.


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