The Science Behind Winter Dry Skin & Solutions that Work

1. The science behind what happens to the skin in winter:

Majority of people have seasonally dry skin. The stratum corneum needs moisture to be flexible, firm, translucent and function properly as a barrier. Since moisture is constantly moving from the inside out where it evaporates, the lipid layer, which protects and holds moisture, is losing protection. The decreased barrier due to change in weather conditions will cause skin to become dry and dull.

2. Why it dries out:

Skin can become dry for many reasons. In the colder seasons one of the major factors is central heating that will naturally cause skin to become dry because of lack of moisture in the air. Wind and a decrease in environmental humidity are also causes for seasonally dry skin conditions.

3. What we can do about it:

There are three points of repair for dry skin. First, and most obvious, dry skin lacks moisture. Because dry skin has no oil and no comedones, it is also characterized by a taut, patchy surface. To properly treat dry skin, choose a soap-free face wash and a toner that balances the skin and restores the skins natural pH. Toner is a very important, yet often overlooked step in the daily skincare routine. Toner helps to bind moisture, so when used twice daily, it will render moisturizer more effective. Using products rich in moisture binding ingredients like Codium Tomentosum Seaweed in the long term can increase moisture in the stratum corneum by 50%. The next concern is limiting inflammation, so find products with Willowherb and Water Lily, natural antioxidant-rich ingredients which help reduce redness and irritation in the skin. Lastly, dry skin needs to rebuild its barrier, so products with essential fatty acids from seeds and nuts as well as hyaluronic acid and moisture boosting seaweed are optimal. The Repechage Hydra Dew range of products is optimal for winter dry skin to heal, smooth and hydrate.

With any skincare routine, it is always recommended to add gentle exfoliator 2-3 times weekly. For dry skin, humectant-rich product including ingredients like hydrating honey helps to preserve moisture while gentle exfoliating ingredients like almond meal and oatmeal will help slough off flaky, dry skin.  Repechage Honey and Almond scrub is the perfect solution! Don’t overdo it, remember, protecting the barrier is your foremost priority.

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