Tips on Safer Waxing

Everyone has thought about proper hair removal methods but wherever you go, for the most part no one really implements them. “Double Dipping” Should I wear gloves etc

Dr. David R. Caprette PhD, department of biochemistry and cell biology at Rice University in Houston has expressed concern about how easily one can transfer a viable organism to a nice warm blooded environment. This can be a breeding ground for infection.”

So here are some tips, for better waxing habits and NO MORE DOUBLE DIPPING!

  • Always wear gloves
  • Use a new applicator each time wax is applied to the skin
  • Cleanse your implements i.e. tweezer, with anti bacterial soap, first, then place in a UV sterilizer or autoclave for 20 minutes
  • Place all disposables in a plastic bag and keep it close to the waxing station so that no other surface is contaminated. Then seal and discard in a closed trash bin after each client
  • Continue to educate yourself in proper and efficient wax application, this will help you lower your application costs of waxing per client

Finally you must know the law not just for your individual state but Federal Law. This states that “everyone should be considered as contaminated and that service providers who are occupationally exposed or have the potential to be are required to use preventive measure to prevent cross contamination.” That means federal standards already state that estheticians must wear gloves and perform one-time-use per applicator of hair removal products. See Occupational Safety and Health Administration for more details.

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