The Show Must Go On!

To all my Facial Bar clients.

For years, I have been saying “Show and tell and you will sell,” but now I think we need to take this to a whole different level. What I have noticed as I have worked around the country at salons presenting the Facial Bar concept, is that incorporating my tried and proven sales techniques-consultation, diagnosis, recommendation- doesn’t always continue once I leave. When I am visiting, we achieve an average sale of $185 per client by utilizing these techniques!! 

So, I had to take a look and understand what are the keys to why we are achieving such great results when I am at the salon:

  1. There is a festive look and feel, we serve mineral water with berries and have refreshments.
  2. The staff looks professional and glamorous.
  3. We offer some type of promotion.
  4. Facial Bar is very active and many clients are receiving services at the Facial Bar.
  5. We achieve anywhere from $2800 – – $6000 in sales that day and book future appointments.

Now, what happens when I leave? The show stops!!!

You must create the show every day, with me or without me.

  • Always have clients at the Facial Bar
  • Always feature a promotion of the day
  • Always have refreshments
  • Always look good—Perfect hair and makeup, unstained, laundered and starched lab coats
  • And always do… Consultation-Diagnosis-Recommendation!

Be Glamorous—Be Happy—Be Professional

Think and work like I am there every day and hear my message: “Show and Tell and You will Sell!”

Good luck!

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  1. Lydia,

    You’ve hit the nail on the head once again.

    Your 1. Consultation 2. Diagnosis 3. Recommendation system is foolproof.

    Why? Because it gives every client exactly what she’s looking for…and obviously the results speak for themselves as she reciprocates by purchasing not only more but also the “right” stuff.

    It’s the best of all world’s because everyone’s a winner!

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