The Power of Touch: Getting Back to the Basics

Our best tools as estheticians are our hands. It is important to learn how to expertly use our hands by practicing proper facial massage techniques as well as learning facial anatomy. Knowledge of the facial muscles is imperative in conducting a superlative facial massage.

Massage therapy offers a real solution for managing the anxiety and strain that are encountered daily.  Furthermore, a properly administered facial massage delivers much more than just relaxation. Facial massage: Stimulates circulation, detoxifies, stimulates sebaceous production, relaxes the nerves, releases toxins trapped between the tissues and muscles, oxygenates the skin tissues, gives physiological and psychological benefits, aids in the extraction process, hydrates the surface layer of the skin, brings nutrients to the surface layer of the skin, increases lymphatic flow, and eases muscle tension.

As a practicing esthetician, spa owner, and product developer over 3 decades, owning a spa in the competitive market of New York, believe me, there are days that I am tempted to stray from my belief and give in to the latest trends such as microdermabrasion, glycolic peels, light therapy, to name a few.  But when I examine the skin under a Wood’s lamp and see the damage caused by some of these treatments, I stick with what works – providing long term benefits and lasting results.  Massage is a key factor in every facial treatment and provides fantastic skin rejuvenating results for the skin.

The Lydia Sarfati Method of facial massage is the most therapeutic way to relax and tone facial muscles and release the stress from the face which causes wrinkles, lines and crows feet. The Lydia Sarfati Classic Facial Massage may be preformed in 10 minutes and utilizes the following facial massage techniques: Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement, and Shiatsu

(You may view the Vita Cura 5 Phase Firming Facial DVD to learn how to perform my method of massage)

Petrissage is a compression technique, which includes kneading, squeezing and pinching. This affects the deeper muscle tissue of the face.

Tapotement is a percussive stroke in which the fingertips strike the skin in rapid succession. This technique improves the circulation by stimulating the diffusion of the capillary network. It helps nourish the skin by releasing nutrients. This technique also purifies the system by releasing carbon dioxide and other waste materials.

The name “Shiatsu” means “finger pressure,” and this pressure stimulates the muscle and relieves tension.

Knowledge is empowering and knowing the true science behind the skin will always allow you to have integrity and honesty with your client.

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