The Importance of a Super Clean Environment


cleanenvironmentRef. picture from La Bretagne Clinic (Thailand)

Before starting up Repêchage, I spent many years as an esthetician serving clients and running my own practice. One thing that I always made sure clients could expect to witness when walking into my treatment room was to find an environment that was both extremely neat and clean. For estheticians, I think it is important to remember that although we are not in a doctor’s office or a hospital, we are still delivering serious and scientific treatments to clients. It is our duty to ensure our methods and working environment is always safe and sanitary. Thus, proper sanitation can not be overlooked or taken lightly.

One reason why this should be noted is very simple – client perception and the reputation of your business. If you fail to emphasize the importance of clean practices, I can guarantee your business will not thrive. Remember, within the first seven seconds of entering a salon or spa, clients will pass judgment on you and your business. As harsh as this may sound, this is reality. You may be the most kind or polite esthetician they’ve ever encountered, but, if you have dirty cotton swabs on the counter or stained sheets, I can guarantee you clients will be immediately turned off and will not be booking another appointment with you.

More importantly, cleanliness is necessary from a health standpoint. Before the first appointment of the day, and after the last, your room should be spotless and prepped. All the basics should be in place, including vinyl gloves, cotton squares, non-scented tissues, sanitizer, anti-microbial hand wipes, alcohol spatulas, professional service towels, clean rubber mixing bowls and small bowls, make-up sponges, etc. Clean fresh sheets and towels should be ready and used with every client, and disposable gowns, head coverings and chair liners should be ready. All tools during treatments should be place in an autoclave if appropriate, and not just be put off to the side. After finishing with clients, do not become lazy and skip out on cleaning your hands in between patients. Failing to adhere to these processes can lead to a range of health problems, including bacterial infections such as a staph infection or MRSA, dermatitis, or acne breakouts.

It is always important to remember that your client trusts you. Clients opt to visit you for professional treatment, and put themselves in your care. Don’t betray that trust and mislead a client, or worse, cause a health issue for the client because of your unsanitary ways. If you want to be viewed as a professional and reputable esthetician, make sure you are not overlooking these basic components of your profession.

What do you do to ensure a clean environment? Tell me in the comments below!

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