The Beauty Industry Special Ingredients for Success

Every company must formulate their own recipe for success.  Many of the ingredients to building and running a successful business hold true whether it’s a 20,000 square foot spa or a small neighborhood salon.  Hallmarks for a successful business are a talented staff, great innovation and vision coupled with excellence in customer service.

I remember when I opened my first spa in 1977, facial and massage was not on everybody’s priority list, here is how we created a great clientele by turning every client into a raving fan.

First we learned about our clients’ likes and dislikes; the goings on in their personal life and challenges and stress in their professional life.  By knowing what they want we tailored our treatments and services to deliver the best experience to their individual taste.

For example when dealing with a client that has a great deal of pressure at work and has very little time to relax, but needs to look and feel great, provide her with multi-services all at once; massage, facial, manicure, yes it can be done.

Someone on the other hand that has a great deal of time, provide treatments with multi upgrades, such as, a special anti-aging hand treatment with a manicure, instead of just a massage offer a body wrap, aromatherapy with hot stones etc.  The greater the knowledge about your clients the greater the ability you will have to enhance their experience and grow your business.  To know each client well you must keep records on file.  Keep those files in a central location so that the manager and other professionals have the opportunity to access them if you are not in.

Furthermore, we have offered wonderful fresh coffee, little tea sandwiches, fresh fruit, there was always something to nibble on.  It’s all about the great hospitality.  It’s welcoming to your client to be offered a beverage or something to nibble on.  Remember your clients have been rushing around trying to get to their appointments they not always having a chance to have lunch or breakfast.  I even had a client that was convinced we brewed some bewitched coffee because she became addicted to our salon and had to come every day for a service.

Your special ingredients to keep your clients coming back are, great atmosphere, wonderful music, award winning treatments and a  professional staff that looks happy, vibrant and energetic.

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