How to Create Impulse Purchases

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Clients today are on the go, go, go! So, how do you capture the client that races from your treatment room to the register with no pause in between? The answer – impulse purchases! To generate impulse purchases, the first step is to properly and strategically display your retail products by placing them in impulse [...]

Repêchage Forms Partnership with J B Skin Care Pvt. Ltd., India

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(From Left to Right: Repêchage Export Executive / Purchasing Fiona Hallegua, J B Skin Care Pvt. Ltd. Co-Founder Jyoti Sapra, Repêchage CEO and Founder Lydia Sarfati, Repêchage Corporate Attorney Shiri Rosenthal, J B Skin Care Pvt. Ltd. Co-Founder Bikram Sapra and Repêchage Chief Operating Officer David Sarfati) Repêchage is excited to announce a new partnership [...]

SpaExec and United Aesthetics Organization (UAO) – Lydia’s Recent Trip to Arizona Recap

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Over the past few days, I have been traveling in Arizona and have sat on the panel for SpaExec and spoke at United Aesthetics Organization (UAO) Educational Event. I am always an advocate for continuing education and I make no exceptions for myself! I love to be a part of brand new endeavors, like the [...]

International Spa Trends & New Spa Concepts

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For me, international travel is not only something I do for fun, but it is part of the job description. While racking up those Frequent Flyer miles, be it for business or pleasure, I relish the opportunity to explore spa and skincare trends at different ports of call. It helps to keep me abreast on [...]

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