Success Story: Janna Picenti and Neuvo Hair Salon

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Janna Piacenti has been in the beauty industry for 27 years, becoming a licensed cosmetologist right out of high school, and she has seen the ins and outs of the hair and skincare worlds. After gaining invaluable experience working behind the chair she decided to open her own full-service salon in Memphis, TN, which is rapidly growing their client base and providing an unforgettable salon and spa experience. After using the Repêchage skincare line for her own personal use for almost 30 years, opening her own location presented the perfect opportunity to introduce the seaweed-based treatments to her own clients. Read on to see how she keeps her treatment rooms filled and the rave reviews pouring in!

 LS: Neuvo has been named one of the top 3 salons in Memphis according to the Commercial Appeal multiple times, what sets your salon apart from the rest?

JP: I would say that it would have to be a combination of the service we provide and the state of the art building that was created just for this spa.  The service is a superior level which clients absolutely love. And as for the building, it is like nothing Memphis has ever seen before. So many details went into creating this space, I even had chairs shipped from other countries to make sure everything looked perfect and exactly as I envisioned it and customers are taking notice of all the work that went into creating a beautiful space where they feel welcome.

LS: How did you get your start in the beauty business?

I always wanted to be in the beauty industry, ever since I was a little girl I knew this was what I was meant to do. I went to cosmetology school right out of high school and never looked back. This lifestyle is better than I could have ever imagined. Even though I own my own salon, I’m still behind the chair today because I love it so much.

LS: What motivated you to open Neuvo?

I had been in the beauty industry for 27 years and I have always worked for someone else. I really just wanted to build something of my own that could be an amazing part of Memphis and create a spa experience that would be second to none.

 LS: How were you first introduced to the Repêchage product line?

elieve it or not, I’ve been using the Repêchage skincare line personally for 27 years! I started using it at the first spa I worked in. That spa sent me to New York to train with Lydia and I started doing Repêchage facials right after that.

LS: How do the Repêchage products fit into your salon and what made them a good choice to use on your clients?

The Repêchage products are great because there is a skincare collection for everyone and every skin type, so no matter what, I know the client will walk away with their desired results.

 LS: How has business changed since introducing Repêchage skincare at Neuvo?

Our business has definitely grown since introducing the skincare line. Most notably I’m selling a lot of the Repêchage retail products. Just about everyone I do a facial for buys a product. Now I just want to keep selling and sell more!

LS: How has your past shaped and influenced the creation of Neuvo Hair Salon?

Any experience I have encountered has always helped me to do better. Before opening Neuvo I actually only worked at one other salon. It was much different than my salon now. So I suppose my past in the beauty industry showed me what I didn’t want to do and helped me to create something that was completely unique and different.

LS: Neuvo Hair Salon was originally operated out of a rented space, but you decided to purchase your own larger location after just four years in business, what has this big move done for your salon?

The new location has made a world of difference for business, it has impacted it tremendously. There are so many additions that we didn’t have at our old location. The salon now has its own parking lot for clients, which has been fantastic for everyone. The spa treatment rooms were designed with gorgeous chandeliers and relaxing decor, it’s simply beautiful and it gives clients the experience they are looking for. Clients that are visiting us for the first time are all re-booking for monthly facials now. I would say business has doubled just from the move!

 LS: Your salon has been featured in both VIP Magazine and The Daily News, how has this coverage impacted your business?

The salon got a lot of publicity from those stories! So many people were interested in coming to a beautiful salon that was built during a downturned economy, because it is rare to see so much time, money, and effort to be put into a brand new salon. Each and every week we have new clients coming in.

LS: What can we expect from Neuvo Hair Salon in the future?

Great things! Great successful business! And I want to continue to grow the Repêchage brand within my salon!

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