Success Story: Anthony Busso Shares How Making Marketing a Priority Has Catapulted Their Business

In this Success Story, we speak with Anthony Busso (Manager of Le Jardin– a Repechage Spa de Beauté Concept Spa) to find the key to their success. Read on to find out why they are in a committed relationship with marketing and why Le Jardin is NOT reality show material.



Repêchage: You are the Manager of Le Jardin, but you are not an esthetician or cosmetologist. How did you get into this industry?

Anthony Busso: I work for Le Jardin but the owners also own a few other businesses that I work for as well. I have worked with them for over 15 years now. I do it all here I am the receptionist, human resources, the IT department, and the manager all at once.


Repêchage: What do you like the most about this industry?


Anthony Busso: I love the diversity. It takes a lot to run just one business let alone 4 or 5 of them. Everyday is different I like going in thinking I will be doing one thing and end up doing something completely different. I moved out to California for seven years and tried out the corporate world for a while, it was too blasé for me. I like the challenges that arise here on a daily basis. It is also a rewarding business. We can perform a service and we are changing lives be it giving them the gift of relaxation or reversing their acne. Those things are gratifying. It is neat to know that you can impact your client’s lives.


Repêchage: Le Jardin is a candidate for this year’s Repêchage Spa de Beaute awards, good luck! This year you are the only male candidate, and I noticed you have an entirely female staff! What is it like working with all these women?


Anthony Busso: Well we did have one other man here for a while, he was a certified hairdresser. He was great at washing hair and women would literally line up for him, but he has since changed careers. Some days it is challenging to work with all of these women ::he laughs:: but for the most part I really enjoy it. It is nothing Jerseylicious, those girls are just vicious to each other. We luckily don’t have that problem and we pride ourselves on our hiring techniques. We pat ourselves on the back for having the drama free spa and salon.


Repêchage: I see on your website you have a package named “Girls Night Out”, have you found this to be an effective marketing strategy? What are some of your other marketing strategies?

Anthony Busso: “Girls Night Out” has been extremely successful, it’s harder to get our staff to work the events than to get women to sign up! Guests are lining up for them and 95% of the time people sign up again. Another successful marketing concept was utilizing the press in Cosmopolitan about the Repechage Four Layer Facial. I think we even did a billboard with it! Because we carry Repechage, when the products are in magazines like Cosmopolitan, it makes it look like Le Jardin was in Cosmopolitan. That drives people in, it gives us credibility. We also do a lot of direct advertising via email. If we have open appointment slots we send out an email, sometimes with a discount. Events with samplings also turn into sales. We would like to get the community more involved in the futures so we would like to do a lot more events. We are not a destination spa, its local, that is where we are pulling our customers. Of course we do the seasonal promotions as well, Hydra Dew for dry skin in the winter, and Vita Cura in the summer when everyone is worried about their wrinkles.


Repêchage: Okay now for the most important question. As the Marketing Director, which is better: Facebook or Twitter?


Anthony Busso: They go hand in hand, but I’m going to say Facebook. I am still experimenting with Twitter.


Repêchage: What’s next for Le Jardin?


Anthony Busso: We are hoping to expand and bring in more medical treatments like laser hair removal and cellulite reduction services. We are going to try to be more event driven.


Repêchage: When you aren’t at the spa, what is your favorite thing to do on your day off?


Anthony Busso:  I work six days a week and my day off  is Sunday. I spend it with my family, we do the whole church thing, I cut the grass, and then the day is over! If we get a change though I also like to take my family to the beach, hiking, shopping (they do most of the shopping).


Repêchage: Do you have any upcoming events at Le Jardin?


Anthony Busso: No not for this summer, we slow down for the summer. It’s our 10 year anniversary this year and we are going to celebrate the whole month of April. We are going to be doing Cut-A-Thons, open houses, a gala night, big parties for our regular clients, and of course goody bags. Whatever we can do to help promote Le Jardin.

Repechage: What is the key to your success?


Anthony Busso: Our staff, they are very talented and again drama free. Plus we go above and beyond with our marketing. We are very aggressive with our marketing, we even run commercials on television.

For more information on Le Jardin Day Spa and Salon visit them online or visit them at 378 West Main Street, Collegeville, PA 19426, Phone: (610) 489-0800

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