Success at Your Fingertips: How to Succeed in the Skin Care Business, by Lydia Sarfati, New Edition!

(Cover of the newly updated Success at Your Fingertips: How to Succeed in the Skin Care Business)

August 2013 – Introducing the second edition of Success at Your Fingertips: How to Succeed in the Skin Care Business, the already widely successful comprehensive guide on how to make it in one of the fastest growing and hottest industries today has been revamped to include new business tips and statistics. Since the book’s initial launch in 2005, the latest reports by The International Spa Association (ISPA) have shown how the spa and salon industry has continued to expand. Now, with a reported 339,400 total people employed by the US spa industry, up from about 280,700 in 2005, it takes the right knowledge to set yourself apart and flourish! The SpaFinder Wellness 2013 Trend Report also highlights the powerful growth of the spa industry reporting global industry revenue growth of 20% from 2007 to 2012, reaching $73 billion and spa locations increasing 22% to reach over 87,000. As these numbers continue to increase every year, opportunities are created for those eager to excel and provide phenomenal spa services.

As success continues to be born out of the skincare business, many are looking to enter into this industry but are unsure of how to begin their journey. Success at Your Fingertips: How to Succeed in the Skin Care Business, by Lydia Sarfati, shares the secrets of the personal success of one of the most knowledgeable women in the spa and salon industry. Lydia Sarfati, Founder and President of Sarkli-Repêchage, Ltd., presents her story of true accomplishment, starting with her humble beginnings as an esthetician working from her NY studio apartment to the Founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar professional skincare company. Today, not only is she the driving force behind her own company, but her hard work has allowed her to forge to the top of some of the most respected organizations in the spa community. She is the Director of Intercoiffure North America Skin Care & Spa Council and Chairman of CIDESCO USA. She has also channeled her talents into training estheticians worldwide and writing articles for national and international publications. With over 30 years of experience in skin care and a reputation as a pioneer in the field of esthetics in the US, Sarfati imparts her philosophy on business and personal fulfillment to highlight how to make it in one of the hottest industries today.

Sarfati originally wrote Success at Your Fingertips in response to the many requests for advice she has received from beauty industry professionals. As it has been several years since the first edition was published, Sarfati wanted to provide the industry with even more business tips as the skin care business is constantly evolving. She is passionate about sharing her experiences that can help others achieve their dreams and reach their goals and makes this a fundamental component of her life. “A lot has changed since I wrote the first edition. I take pride in our industry, and every day I look to see how I can give back even a fraction of all it has given to me, including laughter and the pleasure of working with people who truly care and give from their hearts.” An industry legend who exemplifies the highest levels of achievement in the beauty business, Sarfati advises readers to “work hard, enjoy it and remember to smile.”

Success at Your Fingertips will be available as an e-book on and iTunes in Fall 2013.

Industry leaders applaud the book:

“Timeless wisdom.”

Melinda Minton, Executive Director, The Spa Association

“I found Lydia’s personal story to be inspiring and motivating. When you finish this book, you will know clearly what you need to do in order to achieve your own sucess.”

Cheryl Tricoci, Co-founder, Mario Tricoci Hair Salons & Day Spa

“Who ever heard of a textbook that was so interesting, you found it hard to put down Lydia Sarfati shares her secrets on how to build a clientele, how to give customers what they want, how to treat employees and how to build a strong business foundation. These are the ‘golden rules’ of the spa and skin care business.”

Joel Gerson, PhD, Author, Milday’s Standard Textbook for Professional Estheticians and Milady’s Standard Fundamentals for Estheticians

“All of our skin care therapists receive Lydia’s book as part of their student kits. Lydia’s commitment to the success of professional estheticians is not only obvious in how she gives back to the industry, but also in serving as a mentor to all of our up and coming future professionals. This book is a “HOW-TO” guide for any industry professional looking to be inspired and successful.”

Deedee K. Crossett, Dean, San Francisco Institute of Esthetics & Cosmetology

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