Spring Into the March/April 2012 Repechage Specials

I would like to personally introduce you to the March/April 2012 Specials!

With Spring, we often see changes in our skin.  Spring is a time to renew!

Let’s first talk about the Repechage Hydra Medic Facial for Problem Skin. For those of you who don’t have electrotherapy, such as galvanic current or high frequency, we’ve really thought of everything you will need to provide clinical results for your clients. This facial has a desincrustation mask to help provide easier extractions. The best part is that it comes with a step-by-step DVD!

For those of you who do have electrotherapy, such as galvanic current or high frequency, we have some options for you as well. Repêchage Pro-Extract Desincrustation Solution dissolves and softens comedones and the solidified sebaceous material around the edges of the pore, making extractions easier to manage and minimizing skin trauma. It is used in conjunction with a steamer, a galvanic machine or electrical mask. Always make sure you restore the pH balance and hydration to the skin. For that we have the Repêchage Pro-Electro Galvanic Gel which is a moisturizing gel that protects the skin from the harsh effects of Galvanic Current or any type of electrical current. Provides good conductivity and restores skin’s natural vibrancy, promoting cellular recovery. It acts as an excellent carrier for essential oils. This is a wonderful treatment with wonderful results for your professional treatments.

Repêchage Hydra Refine Clarifying Mask is great for  facial exfoliator, I just love the smell! It deep cleans, absorbs oil without drying, and exfoliates with tiny spheres of rice bran wax and lactic acid. Contains oil controlling seaweed, astringent lemongrass, fresh cooling cucumber, and Farnesol, a blemish fighting active ingredient from lily of the valley. Never leaves scratches on the skin! Also comes in a retail size!

We put together an entire travel kit for you, I’m always on the go and these are perfect to travel with! TSA approved!
The Hydra Refine Travel/Starter Collection for your traveling needs is perfect!

The Hydra Medic Face Wash is not only for client’s with acne, but also for those with excessively oily skin. Pores and skin texture will be refined!

And my favorite, the Hydra Medic Sea Mud Perfecting Mask! I use it twice a week even though I don’t have acne. This is a great deep cleansing mask to have!

Remember March/April is for renewal! Get your client’s skin out of hibernation with these fantastic professional treatments!

Happy Spring!

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