Spa Treatments for Sun Damage, Puffy Eyes and Clogged Pores | Spa Treatments for Summer

It’s August! Are clients coming in with sun-damaged skin, puffy eyes or complaining of clogged pores? In this video I share express spa treatments that you can offer while a client is receiving a haircut, blowout, or during a manicure/pedicure to repair sun damaged skin and treat puffy eyes as well as at-home products to recommend. For clogged pores, see my suggestions on how to perform a deep pore cleansing facial that can help and at-home products to recommend to clients to help treat clogged pores and keep blackheads away. And don’t forget to remind clients about taking care of their body! Learn my favorites to repair the decollete to prevent wrinkles and sun damage.

Visit HERE to get these treatments, or call 1-800-248-7546.

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