Spa Spotlight: David Douglas Spa and Owner Brian David Coone

Owner of David Douglas Spa, Brian David Coone and I at the 2016 Repêchage Power Lunch

Inside David Douglas Spa

Located in Wilton Manors, FL, David Douglas Spa is an upscale spa with a unique 80% male to 20% female clientele ratio.  Serving a predominately LGBT community has afforded owner and Brian David Coone tremendous insight into successfully creating services that cater to both men and women.  How important is it to serve a predominantly male clientele in his area of Florida?  “For me, we might as well close our doors if we didn’t,” says Coone.  “I do think, however, that any spa owner should recognize the trends in males being more aware of their appearance and health.  I think you would be missing out not to pay attention to the male clientele.” To serve this clientele, Brian offers an array of spa services and has partnerships with medical professionals in the area. Brian understands how effective skin care and non-invasive procedures can give clients the results they want, and continues to be successful in a very competitive market. Read Brian’s story, and get inspired for 2017!

What made you choose Repêchage?

First, I fell in love with, you (Lydia)!  Second, I experienced the Repêchage line at the International Esthetics and Spa Convention where I even received a treatment from you (Lydia).  Personally experiencing the products and learning about them from the Repêchage team made me feel confident it was the perfect fit for my spa!  I am so appreciative of all the help, support, insight and consideration that Repêchage has given me.  Your inspiration has reinvigorated my own excitement in this industry.

Repêchage educator Michelle Edwards (left) and Account Representative Alyssa Salla Della Cuna visit Brian at his spa

What makes Repêchage appealing to your male and female clients?

This is simple.  Seaweed.  All you have to mention is seaweed and both men and women are equally intrigued.

What is your background – what inspired you to open a spa?

I began my career as a lead massage therapist for Massage Heights locations in North Carolina. Though I was right out of school, the owner took a chance on me and this position allowed me to grow and learn the foundations of operating a spa.

I was later offered a position with an Integrative Medicine Clinic inside Carolina’s Medical Center Hospital, As much as I loved Massage Heights, this position was too good to refuse!  I spent the next five years working as a massage therapist in post-operative care, radiology, oncology and was part of a Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Management Clinic.

When the program was scaled back and I was unfortunately laid off, I used it as an opportunity to challenge myself and relocate to Florida.

How long have you been serving the Wilton Manors area?

I moved to Wilton Manors just over two years ago.  I spent the first year building relationships and a clientele and opened my spa just over a year ago.

What makes your spa unique?

At the end of the day, we are all doing massage, facials and grooming.  With my spa, I have tried to create a clean and comfortable environment and have handpicked therapists with great personalities and skill sets.  We only use the highest quality products in our treatments and are constantly adding new services and techniques.

In addition, I honestly believe that what creates client retention is actually taking the time to listen to your clients and learn about what’s going on in their lives.  If I remember to ask Richard how his kitchen construction is going, or Bobby how he’s doing with his job search, they know that I care about them and they are going to trust that I am giving them the best service possible.

Champagne and strawberries for a client celebrating their birthday

Who is your clientele and what are your most popular facial and massage services?  

My clientele tends to be active, and concerned with aging and health.  They take pride in their appearance and are willing to do what’s necessary to maintain their good looks!  With being a coastal area, sun damage and hyperpigmentation are major concerns.  Almost all our clients prefer deep tissue or neuromuscular massage therapies.

What is the ratio of male to female clients?

Wilton Manors has become famous for their large LGBT population.  We have a city that truly embraces and caters to the gay community.  A visit to Fort Lauderdale Beach isn’t complete without “walking the Drive” in Wilton Manors and enjoying their numerous gay-owned restaurants, shops and nightclubs.

Because of this we have about and 80/20 ratio of male clients to female.  Fortunately for us, most of our clients either moved to Wilton Manors or are visiting here to be free to be themselves.  This is such an empowering thing for many people like myself who grew up in more oppressive areas.  It’s very exciting to be able to hear their stories and share in their enthusiasm!

A male client receives a Repêchage Lamina Lift™ Mask Treatment

What are you doing to market your services?  

We have worked to make partnerships in our community by offering services for charity events and supporting our neighborhood.  We also do online marketing and have ads in local publications.

When it comes to marketing, for example your spa menu, the décor, and promotions/events, what have you done to make your spa inviting to both women and men?

For menus, we’ve broken them up to feature separate “Ladies” and “Gents” menus and use terms like “Guyzilian” and “Speedo” waxing.

For décor, I have chosen an upscale nautical theme for my spa since we are in a coastal area.  Our walls are painted a color called “Sea Salt” which is very unisex, soothing and calming.  It also works beautifully with the Repêchage packaging!

For special promotions, we host a monthly Botox event which allows our clients to get Botox and Fillers at special discounted rates.  This works very well for those in skin care regimens with us.

Do clients come in pre and post plastic surgery or do you have any affiliation with a cosmetic facility?

We have a partnership with Elite Dental and Aesthetics and work with Drs. Lital Kathein and Elizabeth Kossak.  With the fillers and Botox services they provide, along with a skin care regimen from Repêchage I believe my clients can achieve beautiful skin without surgical procedures.

Have you been successful with selling retail products?

The day after receiving my Repêchage retail, I had my first sale of over $330!

What Repêchage services have your clients loved so far and why?

I am getting great feedback from the FUSION™ Facials.  There is an instant and noticeable brightening of the skin and obvious hydration.  I also recently gave the “best ear wax ever” after following a waxing service with a Lamina Lift™ Mask Treatment!

What is your favorite Repêchage products/service?

I am personally in love with the C-Serum, One-Minute Exfoliating Mask and Mineral Face Shield products.  They aren’t perfumed and they leave the skin feeling silky, but not oily.

How do you keep great employees? Is broadening their esthetic education important to your business?  

I think the best way to keep great employees is to start by picking great employees.  I have learned from the mistakes of hiring people out of need and desperation and those employees never work out.  I think it’s important to be selective of who you allow into your team.

I try my very best to treat my team fairly and am as accommodating to their needs as possible.  They need to see that the spa owner is dedicated to the business and its growth.  If you hire good people and show them you are dedicated to their success they will thrive.  Staffing is the hardest challenge you face as a spa owner.

Brian David Coone and the staff of David Douglas Spa

What do you love about skincare and the spa industry?  

I love that we are able to help people feel better about themselves!

What is your secret to being a thriving business in a very competitive market – what gives you the edge?

I think what helps me is that I don’t get fixated on doing things only one way.  I am open to changing course and trying new things.  If your options and your service menu get stale, then your clients may be convinced to try something new at one of your competitors.  I try to keep adding new things and eliminate those services that aren’t popular.

Someone once told me that pride won’t get you anywhere but cold and hungry.  I think sometimes we have to make sure our own egos don’t get in the way of our success.  We can’t take everything that doesn’t work personally, but rather just keep reinventing.


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