New Skin Care Line for West Africa

Accra, Ghana– Less than a year after Repêchage forged a partnership with Allure Africa Limited in Ghana, Repêchage Founder and CEO Mrs. Lydia Sarfati and Allure Africa Limited Founder and CEO Mrs. Dzigbordi Dosoo are pleased to be making another thrilling announcement- the launch of Kanshi, a line of skin care, body care and lifestyle products developed to address the needs of the West African market. The launch of the brand illustrates the ongoing goal and foundation of the partnership, which is to deliver serious skin care not only to Ghana, but to additional territories spanning West Africa: Gambia, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cameroun, Togo, Mali, Sierra Leone, Benin, Senegal, Guinea,  Gabon, Burkina Faso  The Ivory Coast (Cote D’I’voire), Niger, Chad, Equatorial Guinea.

Mrs. Dosoo’s vision is to offer natural skin care to her community that has nourishing and healing benefits. Kanshi is a colorful collection with ingredients inspired by the flavors of West Africa, including Papaya, Mango, Coconut and Shea Butter. The line consists of 18 products (33 skus in total). 1% of profits will benefit the Nuku Foundation, providing opportunities for African women to receive education for a career in beauty.

Mrs. Sarfati is heading to Ghana on February 15th to officially launch Kanshiat Africa’s Premier Spa & Beauty Trade Exhibition & Conference, Iyaba 2010.Organized by Mrs. Dosoo, Iyaba 2010 will take place at the Ghana International Conference Center in Accra.  Mrs. Sarfati will deliver the keynote address to over 1,500 estheticians as well as 100 delegates. “Iyaba was conceived from passion for the true spa and beauty industry and a need to move Africa spa and beauty business from local beauty industry professionals on to delivering services at global standards,” say Mrs. Dosoo.

The Kanshi collection is designed with every skin type and need in mind: Kanshi for Dry Skin is moisturizing and nourishing; Kanshi for Oily Skin reduces oil and shine while maintaining moisture; Kanshi Body Care leaves silky soft skin head to toe; and Kanshi Lifestyle revitalizes the mind, body and spirit.
Kanshi for Dry Skin
Kanshi specially formulated products for dry skin moisturize, soothe, nourish and protect skin while boosting long term hydration. They are infused with juicy Mango and Papaya extracts, nourishing Coconut Oil and Shea Butter for skin renewal benefits. Green, White and Yellow teas along with Mango Juice give skin anti-oxidant protection.

Get smooth soft & refreshed skin with:

  • Replenishing Cream Cleanser for Dry Skin
  • Resurfacing Toner for Dry Skin
  • Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry Skin
  • Hydrating Silk Masque for Dry Skin
  • Coconut Facial Exfoliator for Dry Skin

Kanshi for Oily Skin
Say bye bye to oily skin with refreshing, purifying and soap free products that cleanse deep down to remove oils without drying. Refines skin and minimizes pores with natural ingredients like Witch Hazel, Lemongrass, Cucumber and Mint

Get smooth and deeply clean skin:

  • Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser for Oily skin
  • Shine Control Serum for Oily Skin
  • Deep Cleansing Cucumber Facial Masque for Oily Skin

For Body
Revive skin, hands and feet with deliciously natural body care products which are packed with natural ingredients like moisturizing Cocoa and Mango Butters, cooling and hydrating Mint, anti microbial Lemon Myrtle, anti oxidant and beta carotene rich Carrot, Soybean, Sesame and Palm Oils.

Get all over smoothed and conditioned skin with:

  • Moisturizing Body Lotion
  • Triple Mint Nourishing Foot Cream
  • Nourishing Hand Cream
  • Triple Mint Hydrating Foot Masque
  • Instantly Refreshing Foot Spray
  • Naturally Healing Massage Oil
  • Salted Mango Hand & Body Scrub
  • Salted Coconut Body Scrub

Kanshi Lifestyle
Awaken senses, recreate a private spa for one or two with alluring Kanshi Lifestyle products.

The Kanshi™ Mimosa Room Spray has a floral mist which instantly freshens any room with the delicate scent of Mimosa bouquet. Give rooms a romantic touch with the Kanshi™ Mimosa Candle.
An awakening of the mind…
Nurturing of the body …
Journey for the spirit.

Kanshi™, Naturally Beautiful, Beautifully Natural

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10 Responses

  1. nse onyebuchi says:

    a friend told me about your products; i am opening a wellness centre in Lagos, Nigeria i plan to use only natural products. how do you ensure quality control? where do you source your active ingredients? who are your producers? how/where do i get samples? if i like what i see after using it, how much discount will i be given for bulk purchase?
    kind regards,

    • Lydia Sarfati says:

      Dear Nse,
      Thank you for your interest in Kanshi. Kanshi is manufactured by Sarkli-Repechage,LTD. We have been in business since 1980 producing quality skincare products. We distribute our products to over 30 countries around the world. Please contact our distributor in West Africa, Allure Ghana for pricing information and to request samples. They will be happy to assist you.
      Allure Sales and Distribution Company
      #14 Mission Street Kuku Hill
      Osu R.E. P.O. Box AN 5852 Accra
      North Ghana, West Africa
      TEl #233-2178-4846

  2. Tracey Cuesta says:

    Hi Lydia!!

    I am greatly intrigued by your Kanshi line and have been dreaming about launching something similar here in the Dominican Republic. My dreams are much smaller however. We have a non profit organization called Eco Spa Treats and the idea is to use products that are available locally and provide jobs, opportunity and income to the locals by marketing their products in our local spas. The DR lives off tourism and to have a line of quality Bath and Body products that could be available in gift shops, online and in our local Resort Spas would be an amazing opportunity for us. We wish to donate 100% of the profits of the line to the foundation to keep it growing and expanding product lines and assisting with our Micro Credits program for the Agricultural Producers for the products used in the Bath and Body Products. Is there anyone in your company who might be interested in mentoring us in this effort? Basically how to get started and how to create a quality product with a shelf life? I look forward to your response. Thank you so much for your time!! – Tracey

    • admin says:

      Hi Tracey,

      Thank you so much for you interest in Kanshi! We currently have a distributor in the Dominican Republic actually. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources at this time to mentor you, but I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.


  3. Ugosyler says:

    Please i have been looking for where i can buy allure product in nigeria i cannt find any, pls can you help me and send any of the distribtor phone no in nigeria

  4. Rita says:

    Pleas where, can I order you product in Nigeria, or do you have a website where I can order from, and have it delivered to me?


    • admin says:

      Hi Rita,

      Thank you for reaching out! You can order from our website at

      We also have a spa location in Nigeria that carries our products – Venvici Spa (, +234 7088008000) that you can contact.

      Thank you Rita!

  5. Christine Z says:

    I still have not gotten an answer!

    • admin says:

      Hi Christine,

      Thank you for reaching out. As of now, Kanshi is discontinued as customer service advised. We have a few select items still available – very, very limited stock. If you let us know exactly what products you are looking for, we can check our inventory to see if they are available.

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