Skin Care for Oily Skin – Summer Time and Your Client’s Skin Is Greasy


As the temperatures continue to rise in the hot summer months your client’s skin care concerns can dramatically change. Your clients are going to be very concerned about the increase in oil production that they are noticing on their skin. First you must assure them that this is perfectly normal with the increase in heat and then it is time to provide the appropriate treatment along with at-home skin care recommendations.


With excess oils and your client’s skin more prone to having bacteria on it, a deep pore cleansing facial would be an ideal treatment. Explain to you client that while this type of facial may be a bit longer and more intricate than the services they might normally be used to, they will truly benefit from the extra time and measures taken to improve their skin. This will allow you to use multiple masks to target different areas of concern, perform extractions where necessary and give a fantastic exfoliation. Providing your client with the proper treatment is just the start of helping with their summer skin care problems. Next you will need to recommend the ideal at home products to keep their skin shine free after the facial treatment.


Two products that your clients can truly benefit from during the summer months are a mattifying moisturizer and a mud mask. By recommending these to your clients you will be providing them with a solution to keep shine away during the day with the moisturizer and a treatment to absorb the oils with the mask. Along with recommending these products to your clients you can market them by creating a display of products specifically for summer skin care. Place this display in your reception area so that all of your clients and anyone who enters your salon or spa will know that you have products for summer skin woes. Create beautiful signage to go along with your display so that potential purchasers will know exactly what these products are for and will be drawn in to learn more.


Along with creating displays you can market these products as part of summer treatment packages. You could offer a percentage off of one of the featured summer skin care products when a client receives a deep pore cleansing facial. You will be helping your client maintain their clear skin while opening the door to sell your retail products more easily. Your clients will be thanking you for how beautiful their skin looks from the treatment and the products!


Here’s to a shine free summer for your clients and a successful business for you!

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