Repêchage Professional Skin Care Attends Chicago’s First IECSC Show

The Repêchage team and booth at IECSC Chicago 2017

March 24-27, 2016, Chicago, IL – Straight from IECSC New York, the Repêchage team, including Repêchage CEO and Founder Lydia Sarfati, headed to IECSC Chicago, co-located with America’s Beauty Show (ABS).

Sarfati presenting at Cosmetologists Chicago Board of Directors Meeting

Sarfati presenting at Cosmetologists Chicago Board of Directors Meeting

Before kicking off the three day show, Sarfati was invited as a guest and speaker at Cosmetologists Chicago Board of Directors meeting, where Repêchage sponsored desserts for the event.  Over 65 industry professionals listened to Sarfati speak about the success of the global skin care company, and were introduced to Repêchage’s newest unique, facial concept and at-home products: Repêchage FUSION™ Express Bar and Spa Masks and Repêchage FUSION™ Face Masks.

Demonstrating Repêchage FUSION™ Express Bar and Spa Masks at Cosmetologists Chicago Board of Directors meeting

Demonstrating Repêchage FUSION™ Express Bar and Spa Masks at Cosmetologists Chicago Board of Directors meeting

This new treatment  from Repêchage utilizes the best ingredients from earth and sea and feature four unique facials: FUSION Matchafina Facial, FUSION Chocofina Facial, FUSION Vanillafina Facial and FUSION Berryfina Facial. Each facial combines key ingredients such as MATCHA, CHOCOLATE, VANILLA and MIXED BERRY with Repêchage’s exclusive, world-renown Repêchage Laminaria Digitata seaweed, rich in essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Together they create a relaxing facial treatment that can be used on clients of all age and skin types, as it provides multiple skin benefits while stimulating the senses with wonderful aromas.  Like all of Repêchage’s signature facial treatments, each step of the facial is a uni-dose preparation only opened and used at the time of the application, allowing for hygienic and efficient inventory and cost control..

Repêchage FUSION™ Face Masks for at-home use

To compliment this facial treatment, attendees were introduced to the new Repêchage FUSION Face Masks. These luxurious clay based face masks utilize various clays, including Kaolin, Diatomaceous Earth and Illite, along with the same delectable ingredients used in the professional treatment allowing clients to get a spa spa-like experience at home. The collection includes FUSION Chocofina Moisturizing Mask, FUSION Matchafina Cleansing Mask, FUSION Pumpkinfina Multivitamin Mask and FUSION Berryfina Brightening Mask to satisfy every skin need.  Each jar holds enough for ten applications, and can be enjoyed two to three times a week.  Clients can find a favorite or multi-mask different areas of the face with various combinations of the collection for a customized facial experience.

Sarfati with Cheryl Tricoci (left) and Mario Tricoci (right), Owners of Tricoci University

Sarfati with show guests of IECSC Chicago 2017

Sarfati with show guests of IECSC Chicago 2017

Show attendees also had a chance to stop by the Repêchage booth and meet with the skin care icon.

Repêchage also took part in education at this year’s show. Serving as Chairman of CIDESCO Section U.S.A, Sarfati hosted two CIDESCO classes for show attendees. In her first class, “The Art of European Facial Massage” Sarfati lectured about the art and science of classic facial massage movements including Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement, Friction, Vibration and Eastern movements, such as Shiatsu. Attendees were also provided with a better understanding of the function of the muscles, lymph and circulatory systems, in relation to skin care.

In Sarfati’s second class, “Younger-Looking, Beautiful Skin” Sarfati shared how environmental exposure, genetics, hormones and lack of sleep can affect skin aging, as well as the 10 best ingredients for dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Sarfati also demonstrated how attendees can provide a sensory experience to help improve the well-being of clients.

Repechage Corporate Educator Delanie West also hosted two classes: “Vita Cura® 5 Phase Firming Facial” and “Sensory Experience: Repêchage® FUSION Express Bar and Spa Mask.” Attendees learned about Repêchage’s renowned natural facial treatment for aging skin (Repêchage Vita Cura® 5 Phase Firming Facial), and Repêchage’s new aromatic facial that combines Chocolate, Vanilla Pumpkin, Matcha Green Tea, Mixed Berry and Repêchage’s Laminaria Digitata seaweed complex (Repêchage FUSION™ Express Bar and Spa Masks.)


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