Repêchage June 2015 Specials!


Hello, I’m Natalie Otto, Corporate Educator at Repêchage. I’m very excited that the summer is finally coming and we have some wonderful June specials and promotions for you. One of the products that is really essential during the summer season is the Skin Relief Soothing Gel. We have it in retail size so you can recommend for your clients to take home as well as the professional large size. This is phenomenal to calm and soothe the skin post sun exposure. Also we utilize the Skin Relief Soothing Gel after the SeaSmooth Wax Experience. We freeze it in a little cube and then use it for a massage – it is soothing and calming for the skin. Other things we have on promotion are the Eye Rescue Pads in a professional size. This is must to use with any facial that you’re doing. This is a mini vacation for the yes with aloe and blend of teas. Also for the summer time you can use them as a quick post waxing soothing treatment for the eye area. Another product which is so phenomenal for the summer time is our T-Zone Shine Control Serum. This not only makes for a great mattifyer for that t-zone when you have oiliness going on , but also makes for a great makeup product and is fantastic for males. It has a little salicylic and Laminaria Saccharina seaweed to help control excess oil that is present. Another great product is our Mineral Pressed Powder. This is fantastic to use througout the day to mattify the skin or to use it over the Repechage Foundation. It makes a beautifuly flawless finish and is beautifully mattifying on the skin. These are our June promotions – thank you for watching.


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