Repêchage Forms Partnership with J B Skin Care Pvt. Ltd., India

(From Left to Right: Repêchage Export Executive / Purchasing Fiona Hallegua, J B Skin Care Pvt. Ltd. Co-Founder Jyoti Sapra, Repêchage CEO and Founder Lydia Sarfati, Repêchage Corporate Attorney Shiri Rosenthal, J B Skin Care Pvt. Ltd. Co-Founder Bikram Sapra and Repêchage Chief Operating Officer David Sarfati)

Repêchage is excited to announce a new partnership in India where they have formed a distribution agreement with J B Skin Care Pvt. Ltd. The ongoing goal of the partnership is to deliver serious skin care, but also to provide educational and business support to spas and resorts throughout the country.

Jyoti Sapra, J B Skin Care Pvt. Ltd Co-Founder and highly experienced and trained cosmetologist, who currently owns two high-end salons and spas in New Jersey. The Indian native has been using Repêchage products for over 10 years and immediately saw a need for this caliber of product in India. “Repêchage has always consistently given me amazing results, and my clients love the seaweed-based  facials. We are very excited to bring the highly reputed Repechage skin care products to India for the first time!” said Jyoti Sapra.

Jyoti’s husband and J B Skin Care Pvt. Ltd Co-Founder, Bikram Sapra will be managing the new distribution venture and the couple will be splitting time between both New Jersey and India.  “We are thrilled to be appointed as their exclusive distributor for India. Repêchage products are very beneficial in protecting the skin from the harsh climatic conditions in India, and we know it is going to be a huge success” said Bikran Sapra, “Already an international brand, I am excited to see Repêchage flourish in India.”

Repêchage is excited for the partnership as well, “Repêchage has seen tremendous success abroad,” said Lydia Sarfati, Repêchage CEO and Founder, “Beautiful skin translates into every language and I am excited to see how the Indian market receives our superlative treatments and products.”

For additional info and details about J B Skin Care Pvt. Ltd Co-Founder, please email Bikram Sapra at

For more information on Repêchage , log onto or call 1800-248-SKIN

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    I am an aesthetician from Newyork.Right now based in india. I have heard a lot good about repechage in US.I want attend your seminar and buy products.what would be the best way to contact Right now i am based in Delhi.Appreciate early reply
    Alka purswani

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