Repechage April 2015 Specials!

Hello, I’m Lydia Sarfati, President & Founder of Repêchage. Repêchage means second chance and April is the month to give your body a second chance. Especially feet that have been cramped into winter boots, you’re ready to put on sexy shoes and what do you have? Wow, very dry, scaly feet. To the rescue is Repêchage Sea Spa Glow. You can offer a client an upgraded treatment while they come in for their pedicure, provide them with a terrific Sea Spa Foot Cream massage, and finish up with a hot towel – your clients will love it. Don’t forget to send them home with a Sea Spa Body Glow that they can also use all over their body, not just the feet. I call it peel and reveal on a daily basis, and you will have silky-smooth, beautiful skin. And of course what I do, every single night regardless of what month it is, I always put Sea Spa Foot Cream on that is infused with wonderful essential oils from triple mints. It’s invigorating, very relaxing at the same time, and your feet will love you for it. Here again, Repêchage to to rescue for beautiful feet and legs. Enjoy it!

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