Event Wrap Up! Plus A Personal Podcast Message From Lydia

On behalf of the entire Repêchage Family, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for joining us at this year’s 12th International Congress for Salon and Spa Professionals and Spa de Beauté Award Gala, August 2-3, 2010, in NYC. This year, we saw our largest attendance ever and we truly appreciate that you were able to be with us for the celebration of our 30th Anniversary! It is our hope that you found this year’s Congress informative, energizing and beneficial to your business.

We would like to give a special thanks to all of our speakers and we hope you enjoyed their presentations. We would also like to extend thanks to our amazing sponsors, Creative Nail Design, Belvedere, Les Nouvelles Esthétiques and Satin Smooth.

Repêchage would also like to take the opportunity to thank all of the applicants for the Spa de Beauté of the Year Award. This year the much coveted awards, judged by Denise Fuller, Editor in Chief of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques went to Michelle Lamb of Lemongrass Spa, from Valdosta, GA, for Day Spa of the Year, Julie Mahoney of Oasis Day Spa from Weymouth, MA, for Skin Care Spa Center of the Year and Mayola Amador of Melange World Spa for Destination Spa of the Year. This year, Lydia Sarfati presented the President Awards to Mario and Cheryl Tricoci of Tricoci University, Kelly Heuther of SalonCentric, Carolyn Corporan of Beauty Systems Group and Wendy Lynch of Anthony P. Scott, Trinidad.

Your relationship with Repêchage as well as your continued support is always appreciated. Repêchage intends to continue to make the spa industry better each and every day by offering first class events and educational opportunities. Education has always been a top priority of Lydia Sarfati’s, and that is why Repêchage continues to support you in furthering your education. Thank you for your commitment to raising the bar for your salon and your community.

We are so appreciative of your support for Repêchage and look forward to a beautiful future together!

Please plan to join us next year July 18, 2011 for our 13th International Congress for Salon and Spa Professionals & Exclusive Launch Event.

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Pictured: 1. Lesley Seymour, Felicia Milewicz, Lydia Sarfati, Andrea Robinson, Susan Sommers 2. Rachel Boger, Susanna Disotto, Lydia Sarfati, Shiri Sarfati 3. Vera Mazak, Lydia Sarfati, Irena Stelowska, Mayola Amador 4. Marianna Tiedemann, Lydia Sarfati, Lee Rector 5.Amanda Baratta, Shartisha Ellison 6. Tadamasa Shimizu, Kazuko Akiyama, Lydia Sarfati 7. Lydia Sarfati, Adelaide Farah 8. Marlene Lopez, Tadamasa Shimizu, Gabriela Viloria, Kazuko Akiyama, Indira Van Uyten, Esther Andrea 9. Michael Golden, Linda Fellows, Carolyn Corporan, Lydia Sarfati, Stacy Gaspard 10. Rafael Herrera, Fatima Scheker, Clarissa Herrera, Lydia Sarfati, Esther Andrea, Marlene Lopez, Indira Van Uyten, Gabriela Viloria, Yulieantiningsih Sri 11. Dzigbordi Dosoo, Lydia Sarfati, Arinola Adeniyi 12. Johanna Emma 13. Cheryl Tricoci, Mario Tricoci, Richard Calcasola, Joyce Calcasola 14. Joel Gerson, Lydia Sarfati 15. Lydia Sarfati, Dr. Randall Feingold, Shiri Sarfati 16. Leigh Jacobs, Lydia Sarfati, Dr. Elliot Jacobs 17. Shiri Sarfati, Laurie Consolo, Valerie Desmond, Kelly White, Jennifer Magnussen, Ashley Onges, Pamela Onges, Lydia Sarfati, Elvira Santos 18. Shiri Sarfati, Denise Fuller, Lydia Sarfati, Mayola Amador 19. Cheryl Tricoci, Mario Tricoci, Lydia Sarfati, David Sarfati 20. Shiri Sarfati, Denise Fuller, Michelle Lamb 21. Shiri Sarfati, Renee Lovely, Lydia Sarfati 22. Lauren Streeter, Lisa Dominguez, Jennifer Matuga 23. Shiri Sarfati, Denise Fuller, Julie Mahoney, Lydia Sarfati 24. Lydia Sarfati, Kelly Huether 25. Shiri Sarfati, David Sarfati, Felicia Milewicz, Lydia Sarfati, Lesley Seymour, Andrea Robinson, Jean Zimmerman, Susan Sommers, Marek Milewicz 26. Susan Vindics, Don Emiliani, Sally Onesty 27. Julie Mahoney, Denise Fuller, Lydia Sarfati 28. Shiri Sarfati, Karie Frost 29. Kathy Marzano, Shartisha Ellison, Neisha de Freitas, Sarah Hernandez, Lauren Streeter, Arinola Adeniyi 30. Samantha DeMartini, J Scott Berry, Beth Hickey, Lydia Sarfati, Emmett Hickey, Shiri Sarfati 31. Joel Gerson, David Sarfati, Lydia Sarfati, Shiri Sarfati, Lawrence Markovitz 32. Alla Pulvermahker, Lydia Sarfati 33. Asma Mohammad

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