Remembering Today – 9/11

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Today marks the 13th anniversary of a day that I will never forget, and I’m sure you won’t either. Each year can pass by, but this is a day that is very much vivid and alive in my memory.  I remember getting up late in the morning, as I had returned late at night from a trip in Atlanta. Waking up to the news that we had been attacked was overwhelming. Within 30 minutes the city became extremely quiet, with the only noise being the sounds of F16s and army helicopters flying around us. The city was put on lock down – no one could go in or out. Thousands of people lost their loves. This was all unbelievable, terribly frightening, and like a scene out of a movie, yet real. I’m sure you can all remember what you were doing on that day as well.

Being a resident of New York City, as you can imagine, this day shakes me to my core. To see the city that I love and have made a life in since moving from Poland to America be attacked and shaken was, and still is, such a sad moment and scary reminder of the hatred that unfortunately exists in the world.

Remembering today, and with the turmoil happening in Israel and the Middle East right now, I just wanted to express my thoughts and hope that someday we can live amongst one another without hate.  I recently visited Tel Aviv while on vacation with my husband, and to hear sirens go off, forcing us to run to a safe zone/shelter was disturbing and most of all frightening. No one deserves to live in such conditions and in such fear.

This experience reminded me of how I felt On September 11, 2001. That day I knew that part of our freedom was lost and that our lives would change forever. Never again would we feel truly safe, care free and completely enjoy our democracy.

I am not a politician, but I can only hope that as individuals we can all work on spreading love, and less hate. Let’s all try to do our part in making this world filled with more smiles, and happy memories to reflect on.

Sincerely yours,

Lydia Sarfati

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