Lydia Introduces the November – December 2013 Specials

Lydia Sarfati Shares the Solution to Winterizing Your Skin!

Hello I am Lydia Sarfati, President and Founder of Repêchage. For those of you who don’t know what Repêchage means, it means a “second chance.” A second chance for beautiful complexion anytime. This is exactly what our skin needs, especially during November and December when the humidity lowers, our skin becomes drier, and sometimes we feel flakiness. During the December month, it is such a fun time that is filled with parties, events, and going places, but you may find that when you look in the mirror, you don’t look your very best. I have a solution: Hydra Dew® Facial. It is better than Botox results.

I do the Hydra Dew® Facial all the time before that special occasion. If you have just 30 minutes, you can have gorgeous, glowing skin, that is wrinkle free, lifted and just beautiful. One of the wonderful ingredients is codium tomentosum, a little tongue twister. There is also a hexapeptidethat works wonderfully on sending the message to your nerve system and muscles to relax and look as if your face just had a nice face lift. In just 30 minutes, you can do it at a Facial Bar or the back bar of a salon. Wherever the place may be, Hydra Dew® Express Lift Facial Treatment will deliver results. We are offering you 5 boxes of this treatment, with 1 free. This will give you 25 facials! Wow! This is a really good promotion.

You know though, that I am always about the partnership between you and your clients, and we always want the client to continue to see the benefits and get good skincare. For that, we have the Hydra Dew® Gentle Cleansing Mousse. You can advise your client to use it in the shower. Do not let them use soap! We also have a Hydra Dew® Moisturizing Day Cream. When they purchase these two, offer them a Hydra Dew® Smoothing Toner Spray. Toners are very important. In fact, New York Times just ran a huge article about the importance of toners. For example, they restore the PH. The Hydra Dew® toner gives and preps the skin for hydration, moisture retention, and has beautiful ingredients that you will see makes a difference. I always use a toner on my skin! Another great treatment especially for the winter, is our Hydra Dew® Illuminating Cream Mask. It has extracts from water lilies, but also has wonderful nourishment properties of seaweed. For very dry skin, including in areas like your décolleté, neck area, face, or hands, put this product on and even leave it on overnight! This image may remind you of a Lucy Ball TV segment, but I guarantee when you wake up your skin will be so softer, smoother and much more vibrant. On a daily basis I also use the Hydra Dew® Nourishing Gel Cream, not only around my eyes and face, but also on my cuticles, which makes a big difference in the winter time.

This is a wonderful collection. Hydra Dew® – Say Goodbye to Dry! Your clients will love you for it! Welcome, and good luck!

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