Lydia Introduces the July – August 2013 Specials

Hi, I’m Lydia Sarfati, President and Founder of Repêchage. By now you know Repêchage means second chance and Hydra Medic® delivers a second chance for a crystal clear and beautiful complexion. This summer, as you know, you will have a little bit more oiliness, you will be perspiring and wiping your face with your hands and all that leads to breakouts, pimples, zits, whatever you want to call them, but we have a solution for you.

Repêchage Hydra Medic® Clear Complexion Drying Lotion, this is a product that I truly invented back in the 1970s and it is still a staple, nothing works better! Overnight, it zaps the zit with our potion. Don’t worry about contaminating the product, because this is plastic, it does not hold onto the bacteria. You are putting it back into the bottle of the alcohol/sulfur/zinc oxide solution and nothing can live inside of it. So don’t worry, every time you take it out and put it on, nothing harmful will happen. You don’t have to have full blown acne to have this in your medicine cabinet. The great promotion is, buy 10, get 2 free and you will get this beautiful display and a cute little shelftalker from Teen Vogue.

Another little miracle product is our Hydra Medic® Beta Hydroxy Serum. Alpha and Beta, it is wonderful, it is like alphabet soup but it does work. The combination of Alpha Hydroxy: Glycolic Acid and Beta Hydroxy: Salicylic Acid. But it on, I even recommend using it twice a day, it will minimizes your pores, reduce the oiliness and reduce the sebum production leaving your skin well hydrated. Most importantly, you are going to see a very big difference. Use it twice a day. You could use this under the Hydra Medic® Mattifying Moisturizer or alone with just the makeup.

The Hydra Medic® Sea Mud Perfecting Mask, in the summer time I would recommend that you use it every single day, especially after a day outside when you’ve been perspiring a lot. The Sea Mud Perfecting Mask is going to leave your skin very clean, hydrated and your pores will virtually disappear right in front of you. Apply a thin layer all over the face and leave it on for ten minutes. Now, this is a little extra tip, take a bath while you have the mask on so you have a nice little spa experience right there in the privacy of your own home. Beautiful, Sea Mud Perfecting Mask, use it everyday. I don’t have acne and I use it in the summer. It really is beautiful.

And for the estheticians, my wonderful acne facial treatment, Hydra Medic®. Everything you need in order to perform deep pore cleansing that will help with the elimination of comedones, those are your blackheads, millia, and pustules, giving brilliant results in one hour. The Hydra Medic® Facial is certainly there for you, without the need of a desincrustation machine, you are able to replace that with the desincrustation mask and have beautiful deep pore cleansing. You must make sure that your client leaves for home with at-home care. So these are the basics if they want to have beautiful skin – Hydra Medic® Sea Mud Perfecting Mask, Beta Hydroxy Serum, Clear Complexion Drying Lotion, pack it all up in our beautiful shopping bag which you can retrieve through Pro Points and I wish you a beautiful and gorgeous business.

One more thing, we are spotlighting this item, the Biolight™ Brightening Body Corrector. I have been using it and it is brilliant. You will definitely want to have this for after the summer for all your clients to correct all those spots that they have gotten during the summer. So this is the preview, it smells fantastic; clients can use it on their hands, all over the body, on the décolleté, every place they need.

I wish you to have a beautiful summer, a beautiful business and gorgeous skin. Thank you so much!

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