Launch Your Spa Business With Beauty Trends For 2012

This week, my Repêchage team and I  got together for a meeting of the minds. We talked about 2011, what we will continue to do in 2012 and what we will do differently. It was amazing for me to see the drive and the strategies that my employees have for success in 2012.

What I thought was particularly interesting, were some beauty articles about 2012 trends that one of the Repêchage Customer Service Representatives brought to the group’s attention. Using the articles as references, she pointed out that the beauty trends of 2012 were all products and services that Repêchage already provides!

You can see my personal spa trends projection for 2012 , but below are some other predictions we found for 2012 and tools to tap into them!

1.)     Bring on the Chill!

Cold therapy has been known to help improve circulation and reduce inflammation. If you don’t have any ice chambers or snow showers in your spa, it’s okay! In order to provide your clients with these wonderful benefits, look no further than adding cold sea stones to your signature services.  Cold Sea Stones can be used to exfoliate and massage your skin or add them to a cold eye contour therapy to reduce puffy eyes. You’re clients will love the results!

2.)     Hail to Your Heels!

I rarely leave home in flat shoes. There is just something so sexy about the effect a beautiful pair of high heels can have on your legs! Instantly longer, leaner and well, they just look fantastic! Unfortunately, when I get home, I am more than ready to give myself a nice massage with a nourishing foot cream. Your clients want a little tootsie TLC too! Spa Pedicures offer feet a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. A little cold stone massage or even a cold fresh seaweed mask will have your clients back in their Louboutins in no time!

3.)     Spa on the Run!

It seems that everywhere I have been seeing articles about “new” express spa treatments for clients who don’t have the time for a full service facial. Repechage Spa de Beautes like Three-13 Salon Spa & Boutique have been offering these services for years and seeing the benefits! Create a facial bar in your front room to bring those facials out of the closet! Shorter, express treatments allow clients to experience more of the beauty services that are offered in the salon. No need for your clients to disrobe or remove their shoes.  Provide express spa treatments in a Facial Bar Chair or even in a shampoo bowl while their color is developing!

(Rebellations Hair and Beauty Studio, Hoboken, NJ)

Which of these spa trends do you think will be most successful? Share in the comments below!


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