Introducing… Repechage Hydra-Amino18 Hair Spa

Today I am here not tell you not only about beautiful skin but also about beautiful hair and scalp. I am very pleased to introduce to you, what I believe will revolutionize the hair spa business. The Repêchage Hydra-Amino18 Hair Spa Thermal Seaweed Mask, the facial for your hair and scalp.

Working in Repêchage tradition, everything is single doze and everything you need is pre packaged for you. Everything you need will be right there in the box!

I want to show you how easy it is to create the Hydra-Amino18 Hair Spa Mask. It is very easy, we have the 1A and the 1B, just open it, put in a bowl and mix together. It is just like cooking! This is a wonderful product made with four different seaweeds, Ascophyllum Nodosum, Laminaria Digitata, Beta Vulgaris Maritima (sea beet) and Porphyra Umbilicalis, hence the purple color because in Greek Porphyra means royal purple. This particular seaweed helps us strengthen each strand and help remove frizz. Hair looks healthier, smoother.  Once you apply it into the hair and scalp you will have a thermal effect, a warming-up effect.  It also includes a shower cap and a Mylar sheet. The mylar sheet will enhance the heat therapy and thermal effect on the scalp and hair. After the treatment you can proceed with normal styling. The treatment is 15 minutes, it’s a professional facial for the hair. You can do it in your salon or as part of facial bar concept.

What do the clients take home? We will offer them the wonderful, protective  hair serum, the Repêchage Hydra-Amino18 Hair Spa Serum. But what we have created without the mixing, using similar ingredients to the professional mask but without heating. The Repêchage Hydra-Amino18 Hair Spa Seaweed Mask  can be used once a week at home. You apply it for 7 min, rinse it off and style as usual. Make sure the shampoo you use before hand is sulfate free.

Our products are Paraben free, Sulfate free and Gluten free. Best results, is always about healthy beautiful skin and healthy beautiful hair.

I have to tell you based on our initial launch, look how we are already surrounded by great reviews in Harpers Bazaar, NY times and Redbook!

Welcome to Repechage a second chance!

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2 Responses

  1. Michael Pineiro says:

    I got a sample of your product.Can a man use tis and does it promote hair gain. I thought the lady onWindy City Live sais it does

    • Lydia Sarfati says:

      Dear Michael,

      I believe you are referring to the Repechage Hydra-Amino18 Hair Spa Serum. This product is wonderful for both men and women. This breakthrough defensive formula contains select seaweed plants with 18 amino acids which helps strengthen damaged hair while aloe leaf extracts helps to stimulate circulation at the scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

      Please let me know how you like the product!


      Lydia Sarfati

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