Trick Your Skin & Skip The Treats! How to Remove Halloween Face Makeup & Keep to a Healthy Diet All Season Long

Halloween is here again and of course with all of the ghosts, witches and warlocks comes the candy and face paint! Whether you are trick-or-treating with your family or headed to a costume party, make sure that you are taking care of your skin and yourself!

If you’ve been working on your Avatar costume all year long, this could mean that you are on the fast track to a breakout. Heavy make-up and face paint can congest your pores and cause unwanted blemishes. To Purge Your Pores: Post Halloween, beauty blogger Amber Katz suggests trying a deep cleansing mask to help refresh your skin. This will help provide a deep pore cleanse and will keep your skin looking beautiful!

If you plan on trick-or-treating with your family, try and steer clear of all of that candy! Trick-or-treating can be a wonderful family activity, but at the end of the night you are left with pounds of candy and children with sugar highs. Although I have mentioned in the past that chocolate does not cause blemishes, we can not deny the fact that it is still not a healthy option for you or your family (unless it’s dark chocolate).

Allowing your children to go door to door collecting candy and then not letting them eat it can be a difficult task. It can also be hard to keep your hands out of it if you have a sweet tooth! Although I suggest trying other seasonal snacks such as pumpkin seeds and apples, if you can absolutely not resist yourself, try and stick to the candies that are better than others. If you do  allow your children to have some candy, be sure to check every piece to make confirm that is not contaminated and limit them to a certain amount of pieces.

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I have always said, if you look your best then you will feel your best. If you allow yourself to cheat on your diet for Halloween, chances are you will find excuses to cheat other times. As the holiday’s are around the corner, get on a healthy diet and exercise regime now to help keep you energized and looking fab through the New Year.

I suggest exercising for 30-45 minutes everyday. The above picture is of some great costumes I saw outside the ABC studios in New York City this morning on my way home from the gym! Just because it is Halloween doesn’t mean I can skip out on my morning workout! Couple exercising with a healthy diet and contouring body treatments regularly to keep looking and feeling your best on Halloween and all year round.

So have a happy, safe and beautiful Halloween!






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