How to Create Impulse Purchases


Clients today are on the go, go, go! So, how do you capture the client that races from your treatment room to the register with no pause in between? The answer – impulse purchases!

To generate impulse purchases, the first step is to properly and strategically display your retail products by placing them in impulse purchase hot spots. These include at the register, or in your waiting area. In both places, products cannot just be placed there. Rather, they must be displayed in an attractive, beautiful and informative fashion! A boring display will not create that intense need and urgency that must be felt by clients to make an impulse purchase. Similarly, the right products must be placed in these locations. This means products that are at or below $15, like travel size hand cream or travel size foot cream. This is also a great place to display products you want to highlight. Alongside these products should be highlights and information, including a beautiful shelf talker. This will get a client’s attention. Especially when a client is ready to leave, and waiting at the counter to make his/her payment, this is the perfect opportunity to steer their attention towards your products. Just as we become mesmerized by the candy and treats at a grocery store or pharmacy, mesmerize your clients with beautiful beauty products!

As with the register, when a client is in the waiting area, the best thing their attention can be focused on is the offerings of your salon.  Rather than drawing their attention to magazines (who have advertisements from competitors might I add) draw their attention to your retail products and salon offerings. Also have signage for impulse treatments. Why not offer them a new Repêchage Lamina Lift Mask to enjoy while they are waiting for $10-$15? This is the perfect price point to upsell clients. Again, make sure there is a beautiful display, and take advantage of the opportunity to spark an impulse purchase!

Remember, these efforts will not only generate sales for you in the short term, but will result in longer term benefits for your retail business. Once clients have purchased, and fall in love with their new products, you can be sure that this will open the door and introduce them to your entire retail area!

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