How Teens Can Benefit from Facial Massage

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Part of my inspiration for our new Repêchage Fusion Express Bar and Spa Masks with Nutriceutical Organic Actives was creating a treatment that is ideal for teens and tweens. As discussed last week, the ingredients behind this treatment make it ideal for skin of all ages. But just as important as treating the skin is letting a client experience a relaxing and soothing massage treatment – this provides the real sensory emersion.

The simple act of tactile contact through massage can:

  • lift depression
  • strengthen the immune system
  • improve sleep patterns
  • decrease the production of stress hormones
  • reduce stress that can result in school absenteeism and lower grades.

Coming at a time when their children truly need holistic treatment as a compliment or possible alternative to medications or additional and stressful school training, your adult clients should be made aware of these life-enhancing benefits. But how do you effectively perform a full facial massage on someone whose attention span is shorter than your average client?

How to Perform a Facial Massage on Teens and Tweens

When performing facial massage on a younger client, keep it light and brief, incorporating soothing effleurage movements with gentle pressure and lymphatic drainage for only five to ten minutes. Any longer and you might find your young client squirming on the chair ready to jump off!

For teens and tweens, a soothing massage cream with skin softening ingredients such as coconut combined with protective, anti-oxidant ingredients an uplifting scent, such as açai berry is ideal. This is why we’ve incorporated these wonderful ingredients into our Fusion Massage Cream. Warm between your hands before beginning the massage.



Effleurage: Starting from the neck area, use the full palm of your hand to gently glide in upward motions. Continue gliding up the neck, moving towards the facial area. Alternate your hands to continue effleurage on the sides of the face and Frontilis muscle across the forehead.



Tapotement: Using the balls of your fingers, lightly tap the skin in key areas (full details are available in my book, Skincare Science & Protocols) to tone the skin and improve circulation. Continue tapping for approximately 30 seconds.



Resume effleurage movements: Working with two hands simultaneously, moving upwards on the side of the face, then switching hands on the forehead and moving downwards towards the chin area. Switch hands again to return upwards. Repeat several times in smooth movements.



Perform shiatsu pressure points on key areas of the face (see book for details if needed). Apply a gentle pressure using the balls of the thumb and index fingers, hold the pressure for 3 to 5 seconds.



Effleurage: Perform effleurage again, moving your palms the hands in an upward motions, on the sides of the face and across the Frontilis muscle on the forehead. End by applying pressure on the temples with your index and middle finger, holding for a few moments. Leave the remaining cream on the face and proceed with the next steps of the facial.

WATCH this technique in action in our Fusion video here!

If you’ve been preforming this treatment and massage technique on your clients I’d love to hear what you think – leave a comment below!

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  1. Lily says:

    Excellent post detailing facial massage techniques.

    Massaging one’s face has numerous benefits including brightening and toning.

    Want a clear face? Try facial massage!

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