How Are You Interacting With Clients?


If your clients were to rate you and your staff in terms of friendliness – what do you think they would say? Can you say with certainty you would receive all positive feedback? If you’re 100% confident they would, then you’re doing it right. If you have even the slightest bit of doubt they wouldn’t, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the atmosphere of your business and specifically how your salon staff is interacting with clients and with eachother.


Are you building an emotional connection with clients?

If your staff is genuine and personable, and smiles are happening, you may already have this down pat! I bring this up, however, because I want you to remember to think of your business as a brand – you want to gain customer loyalty and retention. I encourage you to focus on creating both the same way big brands do – through emotion and creating positive associations. Building emotion begins with how you interact with clients. Have personal conversations and treat clients as though that they are part of your salon family when they step in the door.  You can extend this by connecting with them on social media and offering them promotions for future visits, but the true connection begins with your face-to-face interactions. Although this may seem like common sense, it’s important to understand how impactful and important this is from a client’s perspective and how carrying this concept into your salon/spa can make a difference.


Are genuine interactions happening?

From the minute the client walks in the door, not only should he or she be greeted, but it should be genuine. Genuine is the keyword here. I’m sure you’ve found yourself walking into a doctor’s office or a store at the mall and have received an insincere welcoming. How did this make you feel?  Did you say to yourself, “I’m happy to be here,” or “what’s wrong with this picture?” Your client can detect sincerity, or lack of it, instantly. It is imperative that not just your front desk staff, but everyone on your team from head esthetician to entry level employee, understand this. At the end of the day, you can provide the best facial treatments or the best color/cuts, but that is only half of what clients will use to evaluate if they are to come back – the other half is the impression the clients get from the staff members they interact with.


Are you and your staff perpetuating smiles?

This Saturday take a look around your salon/spa – what’s the general mood? Do you see laughter, smiles, and an overall sense of happiness and enjoyment? Do you see frowns, employees looking flustered and clients getting frustrated or impatient? I hope you’d say the first, but if the latter it’s important to evaluate your client interactions. What we have to remember is that walking into a salon/spa is a treat for clients – they are happy to be there and get pampered for a portion of their day. That should show in the look on their face from the minute they enter to the minute they exit your business.


Do you have any tips for facilitating positive interactions at your business? Leave them in the comments below!

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