Holiday Spa Treatments: Repêchage Vita Cura 5 Phase Firming Facial & Opti-Firm Eye Contour Treatment

Holiday parties and gathering with family and friends make November and December busy months! Have your spa clients looking their best for the holidays with two Repêchage best-selling facial treatments: Repêchage Vita Cura® 5 Phase Firming Facial with Enyzmatic Peel for antiaging and skin firming and an express treatment for dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles in the eye area, the Repêchage Opti-Firm Eye Contour Treatment. And, as I like to say, “Estheticians are not magicians.” A follow up at-home program for clients is a must! Find out what products you should be retailing to clients so they can continue the benefits of their spa experience at-home.

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