Get “Masqued” this Halloween: Facial Masks that will Get Your Skin Noticed all Year Long!

Thinking up ideas for Halloween costumes and decorations is always an exciting time of year and truly the kickoff to full throttle holiday season! In celebration of Halloween, I want to share with you the importance of masking regularly. In fact, in order to avoid being mistaken for Freddy Krueger before you even change into your Halloween costume, you have to be sure you are taking proper care of your skin!

One of the most overlooked portions of at-home skincare maintenance is masking. There are a good portion of Americans who now cleanse, tone and moisturize twice daily. As an esthetician, you would think there is nothing more I could hope to hear, but most Americans still aren’t supplementing monthly facials with at-home masks. Utilizing at-home masks specifically geared to nourish your skin type 3-4 times per week is crucial and targeted formulas make it super easy.

Masks actually require little time commitment, usually clocking in at around 10 minutes leave on time. Some formulas like, Repêchage Hydra Refine One Minute Clarifying Mask featured in Self Magazine as a preferred “fast-acting fix,” only require a minute of your time! And if you have more than a minute to indulge, try Repêchage Hydra Dew Illuminating Cream Mask the ultimate treat for those in need of a dry to dewy transformation. Whether refining your pores with the One Minute solution to little free time, or enhancing your skin’s glow in ten minutes, this Halloween, make a commitment to get noticed for great skin!

Lydia’s Tips: Decorate! Nothing creates a festive feel like a few fun Halloween decorations. Have you been wondering how to put all those Four Layer Facial® Mineral Masks to use? How about a Four Layer-O-Lantern? Prop these up around the spa with a candle behind to add a festive look, but keep the “spa” feel.

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