Glamour Magazine’s Beauty Director Talks About Repechage Skin Care

In this video Felicia Milewicz, Glamour Magazine’s Beauty Director gives a speech to Lydia Sarfati and Repêchage at the 30th Anniversary Celebration Gala Dinner about how they met and developed a bond through a facial experience at Lydia’s first salon/spa on 5th Avenue in New York City.

She also discussed how in 1980 Lydia developed the four layer facial mask, with 12 products based of seaweed. With this Lydia revolutionized the beauty industry. This gave Lydia the title “the queen of seaweed.” At this time all the beauty editors had to learn to say the term laminaria digitata. Repêchage was born.

She also discusses how she was doing a beauty shoot where she was photographing 5 different models with masks on them in NY. The story was about was about “how masks will make you look beautiful, and how you will get this gorgeous beautiful canvas.” Little did Felicia know that the masks (NOT Repêchage mask of course) were giving the models a horrible allergic skin reactions and had to call Lydia to ask how to save the models. See how Lydia Sarfati saved the day with her Repêchage products.

Felicia also discusses the Peppermint Sea Twist product and also her favorite Repêchage line Vita Cura. And, she discusses the new African inspired Kanshi, aromatheraputic skin care line.

Felicia talks about, what the Repêchage team stands for. High quality, high ethics, honesty and the highest level of performance and efficacy. Repêchage delivers!!

What is next? A cream that will totally reverse and stop skin care aging? Who knows??

This event occurred at the:

30th Anniversary Celebration Gala Dinner August 2, 2010 @ NYC’s Tribeca Rooftoop.

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  1. It is funny how something so horrible as an allergic reaction could turn out to be a great opportunity.
    I will be the first one to buy a skin cream that reverses the effects of aging. Apart from your great products, the best one can do for their skin is to eat well ( no fried foods, lots of fresh fruit and veggies) and get more omega 3 fatty acids into the diet. This made me look and feel better.

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