Former Vogue Magazine Editor Talks About Repechage Skin Care

Andrea Robinson gives a speech to Lydia and Repechage at the 30th Anniversary Celebration Gala Dinner August 2, 2010 @ NYC’s Tribeca Rooftoop. She talks about how she see looks around the room and sees such beautiful skin and people from all over the world and “Oh Lydia, Have You Come A Long Way.. Baby!!”

Andrea Robinson, former Editor of Vogue, tells the story of how she met Lydia. She was referred to Lydia Sarfati by Felicia Milewicz, Glamour Magazine’s Beauty Director, who told her “You have to go and see my new friend Lydia. She is an esthetician in NYC that does such wonderful facials and has such special products.”

Andrea proceeds to talk about when Lydia had an event and Andrea showed up. When Lydia then asked for a volunteer from the audience, Andrea raised her hand and volunteered. Lydia proceeded to put a mask on Andrea and after the mask Andrea was very impressed with how beautiful her skin looked. She asked Lydia, “What is in the mask?” Lydia said, “It was minerals, seaweed and other minerals.” Andrea was so impressed that she decided to write about it in Vogue Magazine and talked about the Four Layer Facial. After that Andrea sent all models at Vogue to Lydia to get waxing, facials whatever they needed to get done to their skin.

Andrea goes on to discuss how Repêchage and Lydia are so forward looking in the skin care industry. 30 years ago no one but Repêchage was talking about mineral masks. Today, minerals are the only thing people are talking about using in skin care. No one was talking about it 30 years ago!

Andrea, also talks about how Lydia is her beauty icon and her dear friend.

Andrea quotes Lydia’s favorite poem by American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, talking about respect and success and how it is so relevant to Lydia’s career.

Andrea also thanks Lydia for being part of her life and her success and part of her wonderful career.

This event occurred at the:

30th Anniversary Celebration Gala Dinner August 2, 2010 @ NYC’s Tribeca Rooftoop.

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