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I’ve always said that appearance counts, and nothing could be more true for your brand’s social media presence.  When it comes to social media the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t hold true. Unless they’ve heard rave reviews about you from friends for family, potential new clients will judge your business by the layout of your Instagram board, pictures on your Facebook page, and reviews on Yelp.

This is because we live in a digital age – but this doesn’t have to be a scary thing. In fact, social media can be one of your business’ best assets! View social media for what it is: a free space to advertise your brand and connect with existing and new clients. Use social media to show what your business represents, what you offer, and the value you offer to potential clients. To help you with this, I’m sharing some easy tips on how to best use social media to your advantage as a salon/spa owner to empower your brand and build your clientele.

1. Use #hashtags

Hashtags are like the phone books (remember those?) of social media — It’s how people find you, so use them!

  • Use geo-tags – These are hashtags that are relevant to your location. (i.e. #NYCSpa #NewYork #NJSpa)
  • Use relevant hashtags – If you’re showing a seaweed mask, use #seaweedmask #skincaretreatment #facial
  • Hashtag in bulk – Instagram allows for a maximum of 30 hashtags. (Tip: To create a cleaner look on Instagram, you can comment your hashtags instead of putting them directly in the post.)
  • A hashtag tip: Keep a list of hashtags stored in your notes on your phone, relevant to the types of posts you do. This way you don’t have to think about which hashtags to use each time. Simply copy and paste!

2. Focus on quality over quantity with your social media content

People usually won’t give your Instagram page more than three swipes, so make those three swipes count!

  • Camera – Although an iPhone will do, if the budget allows, consider investing in a professional camera. These can be found for a few hundred dollars or less.
  • Lighting – Good lighting is a must to capture your work! Use natural light and consider getting inexpensive professional lamps to enhance the lighting. You can even create a selfie station or space at your business with a special backdrop for photographs.
  • Consistent style – Be consistent with the medium you use to take the photos and the angles you take the photos at as well.
  • Consistent posting – You don’t want to be silent on social media. You can post several times a day if time allows, or one time a day if that is more up to speed. Just make sure not to rush with posting – remember quality over quantity.

3. Use relevant images and videos

 Post what’s relevant to your niche! If you’re an esthetician and you think you offer the best facial services, post about it.

  • Everything you post must relate to your image, what you offer, and what you stand for.
  • Feature products/treatments of the brands you carry. (Tip: Tag the brand, they may re-share your image to their followers too!)
  • See what the brands you carry are doing on their social media and re-share their content.
  • Tell a story with images/videos – People like stories and personal connections. For example, if a client were coming in to get a facial before prom, tell that story. (i.e. “Helping Jamie get ready to have the best prom ever – first up, a Repêchage Seaweed Facial!”)
  • Create tutorial videos of facial treatments and spa/salon services that you perform. (NOTE: Keep videos short. Instagram only allows videos for max 60 seconds)

4. Take before/after pictures

Would you commission a painting without knowing the artist’s work?

  • Your Instagram board can be used as a “virtual portfolio” of what you offer, so show viewers what you’re capable of.
  • If a client is comfortable, ask if he/she would do you the honor of sharing a before and after.
  • If a client is shy, but the results are so good you can’t resist to share on social media, take the photo up close without showing their identity.

5. Create, re-share, and engage

 It’s called social media for a reason — be social!

  • Create – Create content that would be valuable to your audience and represents you.
  • Re-share – Re-share content that you think your audience would find valuable (i.e. social media content from product manufacturers, client selfies of their time with you, or anything from the internet – just give credit to the original creator)
  • Engage – Social media is about building relationships and being social! Say hi, please, thank you – engage with others!

6. Run social media giveaways or promotions

Spread the word by spreading cheer!

  • Contests are a great way to get new clients to come in the door and reward existing clients!
  • Ask people to follow and tag 2 friends. Choose 1 random winner to get a free service of their choice.
  • Ask clients to upload selfies and to tag your business and reward them with a discount off a service the next time they come in.
  • Post special offers or promotions you are currently running on all of your social channels.

7. Have the right philosophy

You have the tools, now master the mindset.

  • Show you care – When was the last time you engaged a brand that didn’t care?
  • Don’t’ get wrapped up in how many likes, but who is liking you – It’s better to have 10 new clients than 100 new followers.
  • Provide value – Don’t show up on social media expecting clients to come running to you. You have to provide them value first with beautiful creative images, compelling before and afters, and feel-good, heartwarming stories or inspirational quotes.
  • Reverse engineer what you want to happen – Imagine looking at your social media from a customer’s perspective, and ask yourself what would entice you to do business with an esthetician/stylist you just found online.
  • Adapt – Unfortunately none of us get to make the rules, but the ones who thrive are the ones who change with the times. Observe your surrounding and peers and move accordingly. If you don’t like social media trends like #mannequinchallenge, you may need to rethink doing them if you see other establishments doing these trends and getting success.

Use social media to your advantage. Remember, it is a FREE space for you to get your name out there and connect with new clients, while maintaining positive relationships with existing ones.

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