It’s Time for Daylight Savings… Don’t Let Your Body Fall Behind on Relaxation!

Just as we do every year, we will again turn back our clocks this weekend. Translation for us 9-5ers, we can expect to head to and from work in the dark. The colder season combined with shorter days can easily lead to feeling groggy and sluggish, not to mention in some cases depressed. Remember to take care of yourself and keep your energy up.

For those of you thinking this is easier said than done, how about a few Lydia Tips to guide you along the way:

Bathe: Relax nightly for a 15 minute bath. As I like to say, if everyone bathed nightly, all sleeping pills would be put out of business! Why not try the ultimate bath… a Vita Cura Seaweed Bath! The benefits of seaweed extend past just the face. Nourishing, hydrating seaweed is beneficial for your whole body. Many people forget to take care of the skin on their whole body, so taking a seaweed bath is the perfect solution. You can just soak in the benefits. Also, taking these 15 or so minutes to yourself nightly helps you decompress, relieve stress and ultimately feel happier and more energized.

Eat Healthy: Fresh, locally grown vegetables! If your diet consists of processed foods, fast food and high levels of sugar and sodium, rest assured it is not the seasonal change that has you feeling sluggish. You really are what you eat, so in order to keep your energy levels up, a good rule of thumb is to eat your food closest to the ground. Meaning, cut out the middle man (supermarkets, etc.) by visiting your local farmer’s market. If a food is processed (think bologna), it is safe to assume it is not healthy. Though the food pyramid has undergone a makeover in recent years, the importance of vegetables in your diet remains constant. Add a Spirulina Supplement daily for a diet rich in omega 3’s and trace elements. After all eating salmon for your omega3s is like eating the messenger- salmon feeds on spirulina, so you’re getting the nutrients right from the source.

Exercise: The main reason people lack energy is that they are lacking in exercise. Not being able to afford a gym membership is an excuse of the past. Take a 30 minute walk before you leave the house every morning. It will clear your mind and get your heart rate and metabolism up. The best part of fall is the crisp, clean feel in the air! Enjoy it as you walk through your neighborhood every morning. If you need extra motivation, enlist the help of a local friend who will walk with you every morning.

Making these simple changes to your daily routine will keep you productive and energized through the cold seasons, and before you know it, it will be spring again. Enjoy the cool weather while it’s here!

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