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I, like probably many of you, spend a lot of time working. My business is my passion, which leads to a lot of business trips and sometimes late nights at the office. Because Repêchage is such a big part of my life, it is important that I trust and work well with the people I surround myself with, and form a team with these people. Forming a strong team with the people you work with is imperative for a healthy and successful work environment.

Who should be on your team? In selecting people to be a part of your team, remember, people who join your team will be representative of your business to your clients, and should fit in with your company culture. If you’re a full service salon that caters to all different types of clients, purple hair and tattoos may be acceptable. However, if you’re an upscale, high end business, a more elegant appearance is what should be presented. No matter what type of business you establish, you should be confident that the people you choose will make a warm and welcoming impression on clients. As they say, you only have one chance to make a first impression. For clients walking in the door that impression must be positive, or else your clients will be walking out just as a fast as they walked in! It is also equally as important to select a highly qualified staff, as their performance of services and interaction with clients will impact how your clientele grows.

How should your team interact? Aside from individual interactions and performances with clients, the second part of building a great team for your business is how the team works with one another. When you’re working everyday with the same group of people, it is so important that these interactions are positive. As a business owner, it is your duty to influence and inspire how your team interacts. How you interact with your employees can determine whether or not the formation of a team element occurs. It is your duty to be a leader in the eyes of your employees, rather than just a boss. As the leader of your team, coach your employees, give credit where its due, generate enthusiasm  and help mend situations. Most importantly, bring out the “we” element (and yes, use the word we when speaking with employees!) in order to establish a real team element at your business!

How do you build a great team at your business? I’d love to hear tips! Tell me in the comments below!

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