Best Spa Treatments for Spring | Repêchage FUSION Matchafina Facial + Sea Spa Glow Body Exfoliation Treatment

Has winter left your clients with dull and dry skin? Watch my recommendations to learn about  professional facial treatments and skin care products for spring that will help get their skin back into shape! (*Get them here:

For the face: Learn about the Repêchage FUSION Matchafina Facial, a deep pore cleansing mask, based on antioxidant-rich matcha, coconut oil, seaweed and natural ingredients. For at-home, the FUSION Matchafina Cleansing Mask, a clay mask for deep pore cleansing that combines matcha, hydrating seaweed, and 3 deep-cleansing natural clays – Kaolin, Diatomaceous Earth and Illite.

For the body: Sarfati recommends complimenting this spring facial treatment with Repêchage Sea Spa Glow – a professional spa body exfoliation treatment based on marine salts. No shower is needed to remove this professional body treatment that will help remove accumulated dead skins and leave clients with glowing skin this spring!

**Get these spa treatments on special for March: or call 1-800-248-7546 (*Offer ends 3/31/17)

**Watch how to perform the FUSION Matchafina Facial here:

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