Beauty Skin Treatment Advice From The Expert: Post Summer Skin Renewal: For Anti Aging & Acne Skin Type

Lydia Sarfati Live from the Repêchage headquarters discusses beauty skin treatments after the summer. Post summer care requires repair and hydration with Vita Cura Anti Aging products. Another effect of too much fun in the sun is breakouts! Lydia shares her acne / problem skin solution with Hydra Medic to help your skin look healthy and rejuvenated as you head into Fall.

September Skin Care Solutions: Lydia talks about using the Four layer Facial, to get rid of dehydrated blotchy uneven complexion, The Repêchage VC5 treatment with papaya enzematic peel, making the complexion look even & for the younger age group, who has experienced too much sunscreen, too much play, that have blocked pores, excess sebum use Repêchage Hydra Medic desincrustation treatment to melt down accumulated sunscreen in the pores.

Quick Anti Aging Remedy and Treatment Tips Post Sun: Three Easy Steps:
1. Rapidex – controlled exfoliation with Alpha Hydroxy. 14 day treatment to fight signs of aging
2. Cell Renewal Serum – repairs damage DNA
3. Triple Firming Cream – to firm and tone skin

*Protect your skin during the day with Opti Firm SPF 10 especially when using an Alpha Hydroxy exfoliation treatment at night.

For Blemish Control / Younger Skin Types Treatment Tips:
1. Sea Mud Perfecting Mask – use daily for 10 minutes for poreless skin
2. Clear Complexion Drying Lotion – dab on zits / spots
3. Beta Hydroxy Serum – for acne / rosacea use twice a day morning and night. clarifies and clears complexion
4. Cleanse twice a day every day with Face Wash Cleanser and Astringent Blemish Control

A healthy, beautiful complexion is sexy at any age according to Lydia! Enjoy these great beauty skin treatments and tips from Lydia!

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