5 Tips to Increase Retail Sales

With an influx of customers, the holidays are the best times to take advantage and increase retail sales. A couple of weeks ago I shared tips on why you shouldn’t skip out on gift cards during the holiday season! In this week’s blog, I want to share five tips to help you bump your retail revenue. But, don’t just use these strategies during December. These tips can also be carried with you into 2016!

  1. Offer the right products. For the holiday season, offer products that can give clients a quick makeover for upcoming holiday events out of town, such as a fast-acting mask or a skin exfoliator.  Travel sizes and kits work well for trips away or for traveling home for the holidays as well.
  2. Keep retail where clients can see it. Retail should never be hidden. To get clients attention, put retail front and center, in displays that you know the clients will such as in the front window, in the main reception area and at check-out.
  3. Create themed displays. For the holidays, create holiday displays with that are both in good taste and non-holiday specific! Keep the color scheme classic, with silver and red ribbon or thin strands of garland.  Have them be clean, clear, not overwhelming, with retail as the focal point. Bundle appropriate products with some tissue paper and ribbon to make it look like a gift that is grab and go!
  4. Have shelf talkers next to products. Save time for clients by displaying shelf talkers that highlight product features and benefits or problem/solution shelf talkers. Both will help make it easy for the client to understand what the product does for them and make the buying process easier.
  5. Incentivize your staff to make sales. If you really want to encourage your team to make a sale, you must incentivize them. Whether by commission or by awarding those with the highest sales each month, offer them a reason to help push product. Remind your employees on how product is the key to help maintain their skin in between facial treatments and thus will help encourage them to come back for another appointment.

Have more tips to help boost retail sales at your business? Share with us all below!

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