5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Opening Your Own Business

Opening your own spa business is an incredible thing. Prior to launching Repêchage, I managed and owned my own spa in NYC. Aside from the money, time, and hard work that went into running the spa, I know one of the key reasons why I was successful is that I was ready when I made this career move. Because I want to see all of the young, thriving estheticians out there succeed and do well, I want to share my advice on what you should ask yourself if you’re considering opening your own business.

  1. Do I have enough experience?

Experience is what helps you learn and helps you grow. Although I commend your ambition for wanting to open your own business right away, it’s important to have at least 3-5 years of experience under your belt. Work for a seasoned spa or skin care company, even if you have to sweep the floor! You need to learn from other professionals in the industry to get a scope on how to run a business, what running a business entails and the nuts and bolts of the industry.

  1. Have I had enough education?

And I don’t mean the hours you’ve invested in earning your cosmetology or esthetic license. I’m referring to education in areas that your cosmetology school may not have trained you in, such as business marketing, finance, or accounting. Even if you are a terrific esthetician, these are all aspects of managing a business that you must be knowledgeable of prior to opening your own.

  1. What do I want out of my business?

Can you answer the following questions in just 3 sentences: 1. What do you want? 2. How do you want it? 3. Where do you want it? If yes, good! If this is a challenge to you, think more deeply about these questions. You need to be precise in what you want, and it should be clear as to what your game plan and objective is.

  1. Are you passionate?

You must love and be extremely passionate about what you are doing. Owning and running a business is hard work, trust me. But what keeps me motivated, and I believe most business owners would agree, is that they are excited to get up every day and go to work. Passion fuels you and it is what your success depends on.

  1. Am I willing to invest in others?

Again, you can be an incredible esthetician who is extremely knowledgeable and professional, but you alone will not make a business. You must be willing to depend and invest in others to be successful. This includes continuous education so they can continue to be knowledgeable and offer incredible services.

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