4 Tips for A Very Spa Valentine’s Day!

Creating a Valentine’s Day package in your spa allows the freedom of creativity to incorporate fun aspects like chocolate, strawberries and champagne into themed treatments for singles and couples alike.

It is not all fluff when it comes to the V-Day market and there will be some pretty fierce competition for spa-goers affections on this holiday. According to ISPA, 64% of spas offered V-Day specials in 2010 and 44% offered special couples packages.

Visitors to your spa are looking to you, the expert, to provide them with a romantic escape on a day when they are willing to splurge. For some, this is their first visit to the spa, some are seasoned spa-goers and either way, this is your chance to let clients fall in love with your spa!

Four V-Day Spa Tips:

1. Offer Customized Valentine’s Specials and Gifts: Customize your specials to feel more festive! Adding a box of chocolates with the purchase of any gift card will get clients in the festive mood. Offering a complimentary retail product with a certain purchase amount on Valentine’s Gift Card is instant satisfaction!

2. Couples Treatments: Make sure he feels comfortable as well! Repêchage Concept Spa, Lemongrass Day Spa has come up with special treatments for couples like The Sweetheart Suite, a package including a couples aromatherapy massage, couples Pomegranate CranApple Body Scrub and couples Pomegranate Spa Pedicures that include strawberries and champagne!

3. Get the Word Out: Email, social media. Is your spa collecting a list of email addresses for a monthly newsletter? This is a great client base to start with. Your seasonal specials will be well received by the clients that have expressly requested to obtain information on upcoming specials, events and news from your spa.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. According to a recent study in Skin Inc., Ron Robinson and Nate Myers of Beauty Stat reported that separate studies conducted from 2004-2009 found a significant increase in the amount of people using the internet. According to the article, “the Internet has twice the influence of TV and 10 times the influence of print media on consumers.” Your Facebook fan-base is an amazing resource. With the click of a few buttons, you can invite each and every one of your fans to join you for an event. See how Maximus Spa/Salons is promoting their Valentine’s event  on Facebook.

4. Have fun: Help your staff get into the holiday mood by adding a theme to the dress, décor and refreshments offered on Valentine’s Day. If your staff is wearing red, your guests are being offered chocolates and you are serving up Pomegranate drinks, you have taken a great opportunity to make your clients feel special and this is the key to keeping loyal clients!

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